This emergency food storage kit includes:
Meals in resealable, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches
An easy to prepare and tasty meals
Foods grown and packed in the USA, no MSG added
Oxygen absorbers inserted in packaging to extend shelf life

Ready Hour will change the way you look at the emergency food in your pantry.
Every time you eat a Ready Hour meal you can rest-assured you're eating hearty, delicious food and saving money. Your meals are as delicious and fresh tonight as they will be in up to 25 years. Plus, they're extra special when you add your own spices or produce from your garden. To make these meals, simply boil water,* pour in the food, simmer & stir for 10 to 15 minutes. Then enjoy!

*1.1 Gallons of water are needed to prepare the entire kit. This food kit ships with a weight of 2.75 pounds.

It's best to store this emergency food in a dry, cool location — a dark area, if possible - at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.

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