MTM ACR4-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box - $11.79 (Prime)

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Designed for ammo storage, although perfect for storing shooting, hunting or survival gear. Ideal for Shotshell storage with it holding 1 flat or 10 boxes of 12 gauge target loads. Two extra strong handles make it easy to carry 65 pounds gear. Designed to be stacked high, using molded-in stacking ridges. Four tie down points for ATV attachment. Utilizing MTM's tongue and groove O-Ring seal system for a superior water-resistant dry storage. Double padlock tabs along with two strong latches make these ammo crates the perfect solution to so many storage needs. Made in the USA, with high-impact polypropylene plastic. Can be used as a boaters dry storage box, first aid, safety and RV camper storage container.
Carry up to 65 pounds of gear with two strong side handles
Stackable design and double padlock tabbed for security; Four tie-down points on side
Water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage; Non-submersible
570 Cubic Inches: Exterior Dimensions: 17.2" x 10.7" x 5.5"(H); Interior Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 4.8"(H)
The latches are mounted on sides for easy carrying; Made in USA
Model number#: ACR4-18

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Range Gear
Brand: MTM
UPC: 026057362540
MPN: ACR4-18
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These exact crates are 5.99

These exact crates are 5.99 each if you have a Menards near you. Bonus 11% rebate through new years. Personally, they're nice because they're stackable, but for 11 bucks I'd buy steel ammo cans.

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Just found 6 at the Menards

Just found 6 at the Menards in Quincy Il. $6.50 a piece and 11% rebate. Thanks for the info!

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You can use Amazon Smile to

You can use Amazon Smile to donate to pro-gun groups. I donate to my state organization. GOA is on the list, too. Offsets your deal with the devil, so to say.

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MTM containers are my

MTM containers are my favorite. Although I do like Cabela's newer boxes too.

If you have Prime, there are two other sizes of MTM Ammo Crate that are only for Prime members.

Also... Prime members can currently get the black MTM 50 Caliber sized ammo box for $7.99 and you only lose about 140 cu inches over this smaller ammo crate.

If you prefer the Ammo Crates, I would go for the larger one if you don't plan on lugging it around on a daily basis. It's only a couple bucks more, holds almost 3 times as much, and isn't restricted to Prime.

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Grabbed a couple for taking

Grabbed a couple for taking flats to the clay range.

I wasn't able to locate the 7.99 deal you linked, but the picture of the 'protector with his scared companion (who's carrying a zombie can)' found under the 'zombie' version is frickin hilarious,,,

Is that how we are envisioning ourselves, as 'Flannel Rambo's?' LMFAO!!!

I wonder if anyone told Ol 'Rambo' there that he'd better put a mag in that rifle,,, (preferably with live ammunition in it)


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Why support Amazon and Bezos

Why support Amazon and Bezos and liberals like him? To save a few bucks? He would take your gun rights away in a heart beat. How many millions has he given Clinton? You have to be nuts. Support Cabela's and other pro 2nd Amendment establishments!

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You can use Amazon Smile to

You can use Amazon Smile to donate to pro-gun groups. I donate to my state organization. GOA is on the list, too. Offsets your deal with the devil, so to say.

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If we all had the same

If we all had the same opinions,,,,, there would still be discontent, just like there is, and just like there always will be. Enjoy what you can while you can.

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Been a week already, still

Been a week already, still not here. I guess that prime deal is a joke.

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Read the description, playa

Read the description, playa -- "$11.79 FREE Shipping for Prime members once available." That being said, I ordered a received one of these the other day via Prime, and it was two days :).

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There was no mention about a

There was no mention about a wait when it was ordered. Must of run out with many orders placed. Still no box?

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I bought 2 thursday night and

I bought 2 thursday night and got them on sunday using prime. For the price I can't imagine a better product for what I'm using it for. My safe got so full of ammo, all calibers, that I needed to free some space. I was able to put 2300 rounds of 9mm in one of them. It was very heavy but the weight didn't bend or flex the container. I say try one or two out and see what you think. These would make great camping/bugout containers that can block rain from getting in, if you didn't want to use them for ammo, etc.

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I own one of these and it's a

I own one of these and it's a great box. Even though its made of plastic, it's solid and built to be banged around. Highly recommended. The corners have rings for two locks. At this price I plan on buying more.

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Banks.R.real.ILLUMINATI's picture

Had one arrive today Like it

Had one arrive today
Like it tho it's no ammo can
More like ammo container
With rubber seal

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Emptied 8 50cal ammo cans of

Emptied 8 50cal ammo cans of lighweight magazines into a $20 coleman 48qt cooler that has free shipping from field and stream.

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And the cooler will seal as

And the cooler will seal as the o-ring on these are for show as they don't seal like steel cans the box is water resistant. Try it, fill with some water and flip upside down or on it's side they will leak, or at least mine did, so shows they aren't water-air tight but are still good for storage.

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Almost a month to ship even

Almost a month to ship even with Prime. No thanks.

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Have to a prime member to

Have to a prime member to purschase? Fuck that. I'm not getting sucked into there ecosystem. for future purchases it is...

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Then again jet doesn't have

Then again jet doesn't have nearly as many items as Amazon and if you did happen to join Amazon which you probably won't, you could join Amazon smile program and a small percentage of most purchases can be donated to a charity of your choice with no cost to you except the Prime membership, I chose to support Second Amendment Foundation but they have plenty of others. I'll take free 2 day shipping, free hassle free returns, which I have used numerous times and if I'm in a hurry next day delivery. Now I did see a good deal on jet for the Hornady Lock N Load press.

Now as for these boxes according to canelcamelcamel this is the lowest price they have ever been at $11.79 but OOS. And where does it state you have to join Prime to purchase. FREE Shipping is for Prime members but you can pay shipping and purchase without prime.

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Hmmm. Maybe that little box

Hmmm. Maybe that little box that says '
Exclusively for Prime Members
This item at $11.79 is reserved for Prime members. Join Amazon Prime for $99/year. You can cancel anytime.'
Pay $100 so I can pay twice as much for a box that I just paid $6.50 for at Menards and will still receive 11% back. WHAT A DEAL!

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I love when people aren't

I love when people aren't afraid to share their ignorance with the world... Besides all the benefits and free 2-day shipping, including a ton of Sunday delivery items, you get great deals on Amazon. But you should definitely pass this up for 11.79 and go get it from for 25.40. Heck, get a bunch at that price.

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I was a PRIME member for 2

I was a PRIME member for 2 years. Never received a package on Sunday. NEVER. As for the other benefits? Prime Pantry? Pay for shipping even though I just payed $100 not to? Really? Movie/show streaming? I can find that all over the internet WITHOUT paying $100 a year. As for 2 day shipping...If you can wait 2 days, you can wait 5 days. I can walk to Walmart and have it NOW. My last two orders from Target and Walmart I received in 2 days, and 3 days. Absolutely NO FEE to shop their either. And Jet is not the only place to buy these. Go to Menards and find a store that carries them. Just picked up 6 of these for half the price. Received them immediately...not in two days. They didn't require a $100 membership fee either. Maybe YOU should quit judging others and look at other options on the internet and with B/M stores, son...

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You like The ACA? You like

You like The ACA? You like Walmart pulling magazine fed semi-autos out of their stores at the request of Bloomberg and MAIG? if so- Then shop at walmarts newest web venture
("Prime" is generally shorthand for free shipping eligible not membership required unlike "prime only" or "prime exclusive"- just hit the minimum shipping threshold and you are GTG).

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Yea, that did suck. They were

Yea, that did suck. They were overpriced anyway. But you can still go buy 223 and 5.56. That is like pulling the sex dolls out because of family values and leaving the skin mags. Makes no sense. But also didn't make sense pulling the Confederate flag from these stores because of hate and racism. Last time I checked, people are still racist. Blacks and whites. And killing cops because they are cops. And people still fly their Confederate flags...PROUDLY!

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