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Flip top ammo boxes. Made to stack and offer absolute security from dust and dirt. Textured and made with polypropylene construction that doesn't crack, chip, contract, expand or warp. Integral living-hinge is backed by one million open-close cycle/10 year guarantee. Snap-Lok latch protects contents from spilling - it only opens when you want it open. Load label provided for recording custom loads. Holds 50 rounds.
ASIN#: B0051F8T4S
Model number#: P50-9M-16

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I have about 8 of the reddish 50 rounders but lately I've been picking the boxes out of the trash when no one is around at the range. They usualy have the trays in them or are sitting on top. They work just as good and the best part they're free.

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Late May 2019 for $2.00 I bought ten with free shipping on Amazon Prime. Good deal.

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