Now you can easily customize an emergency food supply with Mountain House Just in Case. emergency food supply multi-day kits. Are you looking for a 7-day supply? Combine our 3-day and 4-day emergency food supply kits. Customize your emergency food supply foundation to fit your taste preferences and budget. This stackable 3-day boxed kit contains a variety of popular breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees for one person. Includes 9 total pouches: Eggs & Bacon (2) - The comforting taste and smell of crispy, crumbly bacon combined with scrambled eggs. Biscuits & Gravy (1) - Hot fluffy buttermilk biscuits with creamy pork sausage gravy make for a hearty, family-favorite. Beef Stroganoff (2) - Tender beef, noodles, and mushrooms smothered in a rich sour cream sauce. Pasta Primavera (2) - Zucchini, spiral macaroni, cauliflower, broccoli, red & yellow peppers and green beans in a creamy, parmesan cheese sauce. Rice & Chicken (1) - Rice and chicken in a savory sauce accented with pimientos. Chicken Teriyaki (1) - Chicken, rice, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and vegetables with a sweet and tangy oriental sauce.
20 Total servings with approximately 1,650 calories per day
30 Year Taste Guarantee
Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy
Dimensions: 12" (L) x 8" (D) x 8" (H)
Great for emergency preparation, camping trips, and RV expeditions
Model number#: 83606

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It looks like this deal can change quickly. I ordered for $26 two days ago and the price went up a few hours later. It appears the marketplace vendor may have run out and a new vendor's price was showing. The $26 vendor is back today. I ordered more.

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Yes, it is.

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1 vote

Price is not correct

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