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The Mossberg Shotgun Ammo sling is made in the USA using heavy duty nylon and elastic for the loops. The sling is padded for comfort and adjusts easily to fit all Mossberg Pump and Semi-auto shotguns including the popular Mossberg 500. Sling adjusts for comfort and carry length. The webbing loops through the swivels on the stock. The sling is 2-inches wide made of Black Nylon, Padded - Ammo Loops Hold 10 Shells (20, 12, and 10 gauge shells).

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never understood the appeal to put more ammo on a shotgun, side saddle I could see.. maybe..

but shotguns are already usually 7-9lb's and then to add another 2 pounds of ammo on it makes no sense to me.

Get your self a shell belt, I've gotten them as cheap as about $4 at walmart (on sale) but even off sale I think allens has one that goes for around 6 bucks.

wear it around your waist or across your chess like a bandolier, you'll be able to carry the weight a lot better and you won't have this mass swining off the gun when you use it.

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