This is a Mossberg 500 Persuader. It is a Cruiser model pistol grip 12 gauge shotgun with a 20 inch barrel. The feed tube on this model extends the full length of the barrel and it has an 8 round capacity. Weapon features Dual Pump guide rails, vented heat shield, a parkerized finish, and posi-lock slide and release safety. Cambered for all 2 3/4 and 3 " shells. This is the perfect all round home defense or tactical shotgun and all aftermarket Mossberg 500 stocks will fit if a full stock is desired. Perfect for your bug out kit.
Dual-action bars.
Factory installed heat shield.
Ambidextrous tang safety.
Meets all Mll-S-3443.
Positive steel-to-steel lock up requirements.
Includes gun lock.
Ten-year limited warranty.
Blue finish.
12 guage,
20" cyl. barrel.
Matte black stock/forearm.
UPC: 015813505888
MPN: 50588

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This is a PISTOL GRIP ONLY (PGO) and with that comes extra freedom to customize! How do you think they got the Mossberg Shockwave?! Have to add some length in the back (birds head grip) to cut the barrel shorter to still maintain a legal over all 26.5 inches.

I got one, found a little cheaper price but their sold out and this company's got has the cheapest price now, if there were a free shipping code it would be hard to walk away.

What I'd like to do is keep the extended magazine tube and barrel but switch over to a Mav88 or M500 and use their barrel and mag tube to cut down. That way you could have two guns for what some are charging for the super shorty's style firearms!!!

Combine it with a pistol stabilizing brace and you would get extra length in the back to cut down the barrel even more and still be over the legal 26inches.

Therefore, you wouldn't have to have a tax stamp!!!
It MUST be a PGO from the factory to have this ability!!!

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Handled this at local shop, this thing is junk, really poorly built.

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1 vote

Great deal

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0 votes

Barrel shroud. That shoulder thing that goes up....

1 vote
1 vote

+ $20 shipping. Still a good price.

2 votes
0 votes
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