Mosing Nagant Receiver and a Heavy Target Barrel - $99.99

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If purchased individually, Barrels are $79.99 and receivers are $29.99. These are brand new replacement barrels that were originally manufactured for the
Czech uk59 universal machine gun
Chambered in 7.62x54r.

Image above shows standard m91/30 bbl compared to the uk-59 heavy bbl.

They were purchased unfired as surplus and
Re-profiled and threaded to fit all variation of nagant receivers, i.E. M91/30, m44, m38...Etc.

About the barrel, our u.P.S. Scale shows this bbl weighing in at around 6.5 pounds. It has the brightest, most perfect rifling i have ever encountered. It is 24" in total length and has a 60 degree recessed target crown. Each barrel is threaded properly to be accepted by all nagant rifle variations chambered in 7.62x54r.
Image below shows barrel laying on a m38 stock.

Now- let us be perfectly clear. This re-barreling project is not for the faint of heart. Stocks would have to be modified to accept this heavy barrel, and although rifles are threaded properly, head spacing would still have to be done and barrels would have to be timed properly into the receiver. Not to mention getting your old barrel out of your existing receiver....Plus there are no sites so finished rifle would need to be drilled and tapped for a scope and modified to a bent bolt. Still there are numerous reports on the internet of the incredible accuracy of these conversions, including one where a guy is
Covering a 3 shot group at 200 yards with a quarter. Plus these barrels are just totally
Cool. We have a laminated m91/30 at the gunsmith being re-barreled now. We will let you know how it turns out... In the mean time you can research this on the web and see the glowing reviews these things are getting...

So....... If you want one...... We got em... Brand new and individually packaged...
No ffl required.....Item # nagant-hb.........$79.95
2 or more......$75.00 each
Important notice - we guarantee these barrels to be free of defect and of the highest quality... However, due to the nature of this item, and the fact that we know that some of you will be biting off more with this project than you can chew...
We will not accept any returns on this item and all sells are considered final.
Order on-line now!

I bet you're saying
" boy, i wish i could just buy a nagant receiver"
It just keeps getting better

Nagant receivers

This is like showers of blessings... A major importer saw our ad on the website for the heavy bbl's above. Well, it just so happens that they had a couple hundred stripped m91/30 receivers laying around from a project they did several years ago. They had just been sitting on them because lets just face it... Without the barrels there was no real market. But if you had threaded barrels....... Eureka!!!!
They called us up and offered us the whole lot, and we jumped on those things faster than a chicken on a june bug.

Barrels thread perfectly into these receivers with no modification what so ever. Receivers are like new and will accept all componants from your existing rifle... And if the barrel is headspaced properly in the receiver any and all nagant bolts will interchange.
I know that before these were available a lot of folks, including me, were going to sacrifice their nagant rifle in order to build a heavy barrel. Now, for less than thirty bucks, you won't have to.
Unfortunately, these are serial #'ed and being a receiver, they are considered a firearm.
They will require an ffl for purchase.
Still, what a find, and what a deal!!!
Mosin nagant stripped receiver
Item # nagant-rec...................$29.99
Order on-line now!

Even better still
Special builders package
Buy a heavy bbl and a nagant receiver together and save.$$$$
Get both at only ..................$99.99

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x54R
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I'd like to know when/if new

I'd like to know when/if new Bbls for a M91/30 are avilable

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