Mosin-Nagant Chinese Type 53 7.62x54R - $99.95 + S/H ($18)

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These are Chinese surplus Type 53 Mosin Nagant style rifles in 7.62x54R caliber. They have a 20" barrel in the M44 pattern, with a folding bayonet. Overall good condition, with dark but shootable bores, a blue/patina finish, mismatched numbers, and stock that show wear and service and may have minor cracks. A very interesting part of history, with original Chinese markings on the rifle. Needs cleaning rod. C&R eligible.
Choose from menu above if you want Hand Select for a bit nicer rifle, or for a rifle with a shiny bore.
Picture is a representative of the stock we have, and may not be the exact item you will receive.
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SKU#: 15-2183xq

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x54R
UPC: 787450077997
MPN: RI1968G
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I bought one for $119

I bought one for $119 delivered from Buds a few months ago. Far superior condition to any that I was able to find locally, not to mention much cheaper. #'s on the bolt didnt match the rest of the rifle, but for the price I was very pleased. I would easily rate it VGC.

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My experience was basically

My experience was basically identical to yours, although I couldn't be able to rate mine quite as high.. None of the numbers match on mine, but it functions great; checked the headspace, and it is fine; bolt action is smoother than most of my other mosins; chrome-lined barrel is like a mirror; would is pretty ugly as expected. For $119 shipped, it is a great deal for a cool rifle. J&G's deal is basically the same as bud's, I just wouldn't bother paying the extra $30 to have them hand select for bore... almost every review I have seen mentions the nice quality of the bore on these rifles, and the terrible condition of the stock. Knowing what to expect, I was very happy with my purchase.

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weezeremo's picture

I just got in a 1956 t53..

I just got in a 1956 t53.. its stock was cracked... but it was repaired in the field with era appropriate nails.. very cool. i own like 10 of these i keep them all in cosmo.. if you remember the Mosin M44 when they were 60$... now they are upwards of 299... im glad i bought a ton back then then being like 2004...I buy one or two of these a pay day..better pay off than the stock market.

8 votes
0 votes

I have 1 of these and 3 91

I have 1 of these and 3 91 30s . my dad keeps asking why i keep buying more and barely shoot them, hopefully the price will go up after i snag about 10 more im not to sure about these particular ones ever being worth too much more though as they are an eye sore lol.

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I bought stock in a small

I bought stock in a small bank. It is up 400% after ten years. Should I sell or should I hold on to it like the Mosin Nagant?

1 vote
1 vote

Just received my type 53 from

Just received my type 53 from J&G looks about as good as the first type 53 I got from SOG. Metal is in good shape but with bluing wear. Stock is not the greatest, but serviceable.

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Fun stuff. Mineral Spirits

Fun stuff. Mineral Spirits is a definite buy if you get this.

8 votes
2 votes

I did not buy this one, but

I did not buy this one, but your advice helped me with few other surplus items. MS works as a charm on cosmoline. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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These are $99 at both

These are $99 at both and Century, for the C&R FFL03's out there who can buy from them. I just got one for $112 shipped. Happy trails Crufflers.

6 votes
2 votes

Century asks 119.99 from

Century asks 119.99 from dealers for the same rifle in fair conditions or 129.99 in GC. By the way it is a carbine not a rifle. Usually they are more expensive.

4 votes
2 votes

I would only order if you

I would only order if you want a beater range gun. Good condition means its shootable lol...

3 votes
4 votes

Call me a paranoid but I buy

Call me a paranoid but I buy either Russian or Yugo stuff. Would buy also Polish but they are rare. Why ? I just do not believe that Chinese factories were able to cook a good steel at this time.

5 votes
5 votes

From the end of WW2 to 1956

From the end of WW2 to 1956 China and Russia were close allies and all the machinery and steel to make these rifles came from Russia. In fact, in the earlier years of this period those rifles would have been made in Russia and just stamped as Chinese. I have 3 Chinese SKSs made in 1956 on Tula factory machinery and Russian steel at the famous Factory 26. . In 1957, Mao started the "Let a hundred flowers bloom" reforms that pissed off the soviet bureaucracy and led to a rift between China and Russia. Nonetheless, most every weapon made up to about 1959 or so was probably made with imported Russian steel as domestic production of steel was very limited.

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I receieved one with a tula

I receieved one with a tula marking on the stock but numbers didnt match the barrel so i dont know if russia manufactuared some for china? But if i had to do it again i would just buy a nice russian carbine for 100 more that will probably last twice as long as mine was rusted to shit

6 votes
1 vote

I shoot the piss out of mine,

I shoot the piss out of mine, and it was obvious it had fired thousands of rounds before I bought it. They are in terrible shape upon delivery and take an absolute ton of work to make presentable, but the function of the weapon and reliability is superb.

12 votes
2 votes

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