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The Mission First Tactical AR15/M4 MFT Standard Capacity Magazine features DuPont plastic construction with an MFT stippled texture to lend a sure, steady grip. Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures, this magazine has low-profile front ribs and a flared floor plate for easy handling and extraction. Made in USA.
Features and Benefits
- Holds 30 rounds of your AR 15 or M4's 5.56 x 45mm, .223 Rem or .300 AAC ammunition
- DuPont plastic construction with an MFT stippled texture
- Stainless-steel spring delivers reliable performance
- 4-way antitilt follower
- Rear oversize mag catch notch offers enhanced reliability of bolt-catch operation
- Paint Pen dot matrix on the floor plate enables easy identification marking
- Tool-less disassembly with double floor-plate safety release tabs
- Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures
- Low-profile front ribs and flared floor plate enable easy handling and extraction
- 2 drain holes enable complete and proper draining
- Made in USA
- Product height (in.): 7.56
- Type: Rifle
- Product weight: 4 oz.
- Manufacturer warranty - general: Lifetime limited
- Product depth (in.): 2.63
- Product width (in.): 0.975
- Manufacturer warranty - labor: Lifetime limited
- Manufacturer warranty - parts: Lifetime limited
SKU#: 101908341
UPC#: 676315032922

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Mine have started failing after a year or so.

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I've used and bought many of these mags. Yesterday I went to move some boxes and noticed loose rounds all over the floor of the trunk that holds my loaded magazines.

Turns out one of my loaded mft magazines had started popping out rounds. When I went to load the rounds back into the same magazine, it was obvious that the lips were warped and can no longer hold rounds securely. I would say this was after no more than a year loaded. The rest of my loaded mft mags were fine.

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0 votes

Good enough mags for the price. They are good quality. I have 3 and never had any issues with them including spilling. It is made to hold 30rds, not 30+ so don't try to squeeze an extra 1 or 2 in there then complain about spilling. Some people say they only put up to 28rds just for storage to not put a lot of pressure on the spring. To each his own. I have not experienced any failures with these mags as of today.

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0 votes

Why would you buy these when you can get pmags for the same price and not have to worry about issues?

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0 votes

I do have pmags. I have several brands of mags that I try out in my AR's. Hera arms have some nice ones too. I have over 1 doz pmags. Brownells and PSA always have sale on pmags both gen M2 and M3. I really do see them as low as $9 sometimes even for the gen M3's. I just like trying different mags to eliminate which ones not to use. I even have some gen M3 40rd pmags.

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0 votes

Dude, where are Pmags $8? Details or it didn’t happen.

These mags are about half the weight and size of a Pmag.

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0 votes

PSA has had Pmags for $8 for months, when you used the code Pmag and order 10+. They have that frequently throughout the year. Right now they have D&H aluminum mags for $8 for 10+. So, dude, it did happen....and it happens all the time at PSA. And not sure what the "half the weight and size of a Pmag" is suppose to mean. I own both. A 30rd mag is a 30rd mag, so same size. As for weight, the MFT is lighter but no where half the weight. And since it's lighter, it gives me the feeling it's made cheaply. I much prefer a Pmag.

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0 votes

PSA has them for weeks of not months at that price.

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0 votes
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