The Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod is a versatile and durable tool for the AR owner. It is machined from 4140 Ordinance grade steel for strength and durability, then it is finished with black oxide for corrosion resistance and a long service life. This upper receiver rod is designed not to mar or damage the exterior of upper receiver. The Midwest Industries Upper Receiver Rod is excellent for removing stubborn or seized barrel nuts and is designed to install muzzle devices without damaging the index pin. It is compatible with forged and billet upper receivers. The upper receiver rod can be used horizontally or vertically in a bench vise. It locks in with the barrel lug and fits tight in the receiver. This is a great tool for removing or tightening barrel nuts and muzzle devices on an AR. If you are an AR owner looking for a reliable and easy to use upper receiver rod, this is the tool for you.
- Works with any standard M4/M16 barrel extension
- Ultimate tool for barrel nut installs or removal
- Excellent for removing stubborn/seized barrel nuts without damaging upper
- Designed for muzzle device installs and will not damage index pin
- Can be used to install forward assist/port door cover
- Compatible with forged and billet upper receivers
- Machined from 4140 Ordnance grade steel
- Durable Black Oxide finished for years of use
- Will not mar or damage exterior of upper receiver
- Receiver mounted sights can be left installed
- Can be installed horizontally or vertically in bench vise
Midwest Industries is a quality manufacturer of tactical weapons accessories. They produce handguards, rails, and iron sights for many of the most popular weapon platforms like the AR-15, .308, Sig MCX, AK-47, and many more. Their goal is to manufacture the highest quality parts at affordable prices backed by a lifetime guarantee.
Weight 16 oz MPN
SKU: 17861

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$84.07 with the same shipping cost, but NO tax at Dack Outdoors. I've used one for years and they are worth every penny.

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