CAA Micro Roni Price Increase Soon!

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You can get the Micro Roni Gen 4 Stab or Regular for

Some updates:
CAA INDUSTRIES have decided to stop the manufacturing of the Micro Roni G3!
That means that the MICRO RONI G3 is Discontinued -
In the midtime, there is another version:
Micro Roni G3S
MICRO RONI G4 Stab and Regular are back in stock!
Most importantly, due to the covid19 situation around the world, there is going to be a price rise from the manufacturer's side
this means that the
Micro Roni G4 Stab and Regular Price will become higher for us and that means that we will need to adjust accordingly.
The manufacturer's price rise will get in effect on June 1st,
and we will try to keep the price as reasonable as possible,
but don't waste your time and 
hurry up and buy with the discounted price!
Because of this, we decided to give you an option to get it now with a discount, a major discount,
this discount is applicable only for a few days!
You should get it now for this price!

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They got back right away and confirmed that gen4 is being shipped. The confirmation page said gen 4 x it must be to include both models I don’t know but either way I am happy customer

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Just placed the order a bit ago but somehow it switched the model I chose from gen4 to gen4x. I reached out to company, pending response.

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