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For All Glock Pistols - The Optimized Duty Sight (ODS) was made for those professionals whose lives depend on their weapons. The ODS was designed by Special Forces veterans with years of counter terrorism combat experience and extensive experience training Special Operators in counter terrorism operations at the most elite schools in the Special Operations Community.
The ODS was designed to take advantage of the inborn hardwiring of our brains to instinctively find symmetry. These sights have three vertical and three horizontal alignment features that the eye automatically lines up while the operator is presenting the weapon to the target (see picture). This 3X3 alignment design allows for the most rapid sight alignment of any iron sights on the market. The Optimized Duty Sight was also designed to quickly give the operator a more refined sight picture (relation of the sights on the target) by the narrow profile front sight and the angled facets cut into the rear sight. These features enable the operator to see more of the target thru the sights while maintaining sight alignment thru the engagement.
The luminous lines on the rear sight and the Tritium dot and luminous vertical line on the front sight allow for precise sight alignment in low light environments. All of these unique design features on the ODS facilitate faster target acquisition, quicker sight alignment, a more refined sight picture, and ultimately more timely and accurate fire on target. In addition to the novel sighting system of the ODS, the external construction of the ODS were specifically engineered for the eventuality of clearing or charging the pistol during one hand operations. The reverse slope of both the front and rear sight can be used to bite into clothing, belt, steering wheel, or virtually any edge to facilitate racking the slide.
Glock - 17/19/22/23/24/25/26/27/29/30/32/33/34/35/41
SKU#: Meprolight-R4E
Item: ML 12224

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