Reminiscent of the sporting lever-action rifles of an earlier era, this elegant short rifle features Ballard-type rifling, an American black walnut straight-grip stock, cut checkering and a rubber rifle butt pad. Sights include an adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear and ramp front sight with brass bead and Wide-Scan™ hood. The solid-top receiver is tapped for a scope mount.

MPN#: 217314

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Given the fall of Cabela's after Bass Pro bought them out, and the nature of Remlins after *that* buyout, you *definitely* must _closely_ examine the one you intend to buy at your local Cab's before purchase! Also, I haven't seen any of the SVM gift card deals on eBay in at least 6 months, so I don't think there's any way to reduce your cost at Cab's below MSRP... If you do try to get discounted GCs on eBay, be aware that the vendors of the "virtual" cards have been known to sell bogus cards that don't work; be prepared to use any that do come thru that route *immediately* before they can go "sour."

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I really like this rifle, but as someone else said in another deal thread, why can you buy a .30-30 relatively cheap but a pistol caliber lever-action is a few hundred more?

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Because the basics of retail are "charge what the market will bear," and eastern whitetail hunters who're barely making it paycheck to paycheck can justify the cost of the .30-30 if over the course of a lifetime they wil supplement their family's diet w/ enough venison to outweigh the cost of a similar amount of meat bought at the grocery store, while the CAS shooters buying the .45colt version have the expendable income to pay the higher price since it merely means they just won't update their costume this year. ;-)

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"I really like this rifle".........reason enough!

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