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The CETME is one of the most-famous rifles developed in post-WWII Europe and has retained a following among enthusiasts and collectors for decades, long past its use in mainline militaries. To serve the market of enthusiasts in the United States, there's a newly made variant of the gun out in the form of the MarColMar CETME L in 5.56 NATO.
Each MarColMar CETME L is constructed in the United States on US-made receivers that are paired with newly manufactured, cold hammer-forged barrels and US-made furniture. Other components are drawn from Spanish surplus stocks, ensuring that down to the smallest components, these guns are as close to the original rifles as they can make.
- Barrel length: 16.1 inches
- Overall length: 36.4 inches
- Weight: 8 pounds
- Ships with one 30-round magazine
However, there is one stand-out component that makes the MarColMar CETME L stand out to US enthusiasts. Rather than feeding from a proprietary magazine, this US-made CETME clone has been optimized to feed from STANAG AR-15 magazines, making it easier than ever to enjoy these classic, roller-locked designs.


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