Magpul USMC PMAG 30-Round GEN M3 AR15/M4 Magazine w/ Window - $15.95

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Presently, 2/19, that other

Presently, 2/19, that other dealer GMW has only the sand color for $12.99 plus shipping. Brown and black are $16.05 plus shipping.

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I bought a few things from

I bought a few things from them and they shipped the same day i bought them. I would not hesitate to buy from them again if the price was right.

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Arms unlimited is legit. Good

Arms unlimited is legit. Good deals and comes through. Took a while to ship though.

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Gen2 at gunbuyer for like $9

Gen2 at gunbuyer for like $9 as always. Worth the price difference?

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Seller: What makes it a


What makes it a "USMC" PMAG? And what makes this a deal?

Buy them for $12.99 here:

Edit: Something tells me "jokersaver" is an employee at armsunlimited....

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The dealer is only

The dealer is only discounting the black magazines and charges shipping of $4.99+, when you factor that in to the order his magazines are more than ours. We have the best price online for these magazines.

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The Gen3 PMAG in MCT color is

The Gen3 PMAG in MCT color is approved for use by USMC, we are $15.95 with free shipping and an additional $1 off each mag if you buy 6 or more. The dealer you linked charges $16.05 + shipping for the same magazine, so get your facts straight, pal.

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