Magnum Research 1911G Desert Eagle Pistol/Knife Combo .45 ACP 5" Barrel 8rd Mag Plus 1911 Fixed Blade Knife W/Sheath - $673.99 ($10.95 S/H)

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Feature a high-ride beavertail grip safety, extended magazine release, aluminum skeletonized trigger with an overtravel stop, stainless steel full-length guide rod, extended thumb safety, enlarged ejection port, beveled magazine well and black/gray G10 grips. High profile sculptured rear sight, drift adjustable for windage, pinned front sight blade with horizontal serrations. Includes 1911 fixed blade knife. 9.375 inches long. 420 stainless with G10 gray and green grip, plus Kydex shealth.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 45 ACP
Brand: Magnum Research
UPC: 761226088646
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I’d buy this gun if they

I’d buy this gun if they engraved DESERT EAGLE 1911 just a little bit larger on the slide.

1 vote
1 vote

I bought the stainless

I bought the stainless version a few month ago and the logo is much smaller now. I told them I would return it if it had the huge one. Awesome gun, has to be the best one for the money.

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LickEmStickEm's picture

I will not pay a monthly fee

I will not pay a monthly fee to join a bullshit gun club when prices are at a 13yr low.

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Well......that answers that.

Well......that answers that. I was going to swoop on this package, seemed like a decent deal & I always have room to add another gun to my 1911 family. But I'm not going to play their monthly fee game, either. Thanks for the heads up!

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Hey RangerMike, I am Bryce

Hey RangerMike,

I am Bryce Lewellen, One of the CEO's of NGOA & Buyers Club! We are a little different than most gun shops you might find! We have 0 margins! We are like a COSTCO or SAMSCLUB but instead of food we carry Firearms, Ammo, Optics, and anything in between AT COST. Since you are using this AWESOME website Gun.Deals you can see that we are the cheapest! If for some reason we are not the cheapest we will Price Match PLUS give you an EXTRA 5% OFF!! Our Mission is to give our members the cheapest price possible, Have the fastest shipping, Most knowledgeable Reps, and most of all keep your family safe for the lowest cost possible!

For instance we are saving you $17 on this Package. Just on this Firearm alone the membership is paid for! So if you buy enough ammo per month the membership is paid for!

*Give us a try! Try the 14 day Trial, Order this 1911 Package and at the end of the 14 day Trial if your not happy just cancel! Worse case you have a new 1911 for your 1911 family ;)

The NGOA & Buyers Club is not just a Membership, Its a Lifestyle!

Let me know if you need anything RangerMike!

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Sorry, but I will never give

Sorry, but I will never give you any of my info just to see your web page. I'd at least re-think that one point! When the pop-up appeared, I closed the page.

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Yep- I'm highly distrustful

Yep- I'm highly distrustful of pop-ups....especially when nearly every damn sentence is ended by exclamation marks. Too many other gun options available here & elsewhere; I'll pass.

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Hey JimIII, Thank you so much

Hey JimIII,

Thank you so much for your input! I will take this back to our team!

Since we have no margin we have to put a lock on our website so only NGOA Members have access! That Pop-up you saw was simply asking for Member Logins or for non members a button to test us out with a Free 14 Day Trial!

Thanks again JimIII!

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NGOA Buyers Club continues

NGOA Buyers Club continues with their silly little games. They won't allow you to read unless you sign up for their club and email. I just stop trying to read anything they have. Most people don't care for their antics. Stupid games.

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I did a 14day trial run and

I did a 14day trial run and it’s a joke. Only the guns no one wants have good pricing as they are getting bulk/wholesale deals. But only on shit that’s not moving. Everything else is comparable pricing if you know where to look (preaching to the choir no doubt). Right on tho, F Ngoa buyers club and their 10bucks a month fee. It’s like Sportsman’s club...and f that noise

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