ACCURATE, LONG-RANGE PROTECTION – Accurate & effective, the Mace Brand Pepper Gun 2.0 combines an advanced delivery system with a powerful formula to protect you from long-range threats. Its power stream pattern provides long-range protection up to 20 ft.
STRONG FORMULA – OC pepper spray causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin while UV dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification.
INTEGRATED ACCESSORIES – Included with this self-defense spray is an integrated dual mode LED strobe light that distracts threats and enhances aim. Plus, a picatinny rail allows for accessory attachments.
SAFE AND EASY TO USE – This Mace Brand pepper spray gun features an easy to load and pistol-grip design that maximizes point-and-shoot accuracy, while the slide-release switch prevents accidents or misfires.
MACE BRAND – "Mace" is Pepper Spray, but not all pepper spray is Mace Brand. We continue to innovate the industry with powerful formulas, fast-acting delivery systems, and new safety features that ensure the ultimate in protection and peace of mind.
Model number#: 80406

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It's always better to have a firearm. Too many cops get shot because they decided to use the non-lethal method first. And a .22 is a great gun to have close range. But I would rather have a can of hornet spray over this.

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0 votes

I'd rather have a 22 pistol than this and I'm not a fan of 22 for self defense

1 vote
0 votes
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