M48YUGO M48 8mm Mauser Surplus Military Bolt Action Rifle - $199.95

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M48YUGO M48 8mm Mauser Surplus Military Bolt Action Rifle $209.00 plus shipping. M48: 1950-1952- The initial version of the M48, with full crest, M48 mark on receiver and all machined steel parts. These rifles have not been available for a long time. They are a must for the military rifle collector. Very few of these true M48 rifles are available.
GRADE: The rifles are in fair condition. Most of the blue is off the ends. The stocks are in fair condition and they have small cracks in them that should not affect the ablity to shoot the rifle. They all shoot great and the bores look good with no rust or pitting.They do not have matching serial nubmers.
The M48 Mauser is a post World War IIYugoslavian version of the Belgian Fabrique Nationale designed Mauser model 1924 short rifle. After World War II, the Yugoslavs took this design and incorporated modifications based upon Germany's MauserKarabiner 98k. Although similar in general appearance to that of the German rifle, many of the parts of these two rifles are not interchangeable, especially the bolt and related action parts. The main difference between the M48 and the K98k is that the M48 uses an intermediate-length receiver. They are usually easily identified by the top handguard, which extends behind the rear sight and ends just in front of the receiver ring, although this feature exists on other models as well.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
UPC: 610074266761
MPN: M48
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I just ordered one of these

I just ordered one of these the other day, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of condition it's in. Even if the finish isn't the best, I figure that for the price, it will still be well worth it. I've recently seen these at gun shows for over $300. Also, SOG has them in very good-excellent condition for $299.95, but I figure for $100 less, I'll take a chance on one of these, and if the finish is that bad, I'll just refinish the metal and wood for around $30.

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How did yours turn out?

How did yours turn out?

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I just received mine

I just received mine Saturday, great looking, shooting and handling gun. The bolt on mine isn't the smoothest, even after cleaning(especially when compared side by side to my K98.) The finish is decent, all numbers match, the furniture looks great, trigger is STIFF. Overall GREAT gun at the 199.95 ($217 shipped to PA) price point. Even if I had paid the $270 before the sale or $299 before that it would still have been a great deal.

it should be noted, these do come coated in a decent amount of cosmoline, and my example showed no active rust so it seemed to be working.

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I bought one from them before

I bought one from them before they changed the description and added the SOLD IN AS IS CONDITION NO RETURNS!. I returned mine. I have returned two firearms to them and will never buy from them again. I have heard good things but I have not had a single good experience.

edit: I just remembered the one I received was damaged and I was unable to take it apart. The other firearm I returned was an SKS that would not fire in SA mode even with the grenade launcher button in the correct position. It also had sticky bolt despite the extensive cleaning I did on it. I was pretty upset because not only did I put a lot of time into cleaning it but I put a lot of work into making the wood look nice. I suggest trying to fire anything you buy from them before putting much work into it. I also cancelled one other order of a pistol because I recall the description being questionable. As I type this I remember another time I was thinking of ordering a cz 52 I think and was questioning some things in the description so I called and they said that it was the last of the batch so it was probably not very good condition despite what the description said and that they had been meaning to change that........my two cents, buy from AIM, SOG and others first

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Wideners are pretty good

Wideners are pretty good people, but it's definitely a good idea to give them a ring before you buy a used milsurp and just ask them to elaborate on the quality of them. They also did this with their M24/47's. They got to the bottom of the barrel but didn't update the description.

Luckily I emailed them before I ordered and they told me flat out that they were pretty rough.

Also, I ordered a NEW Yugo M57 magazine from them. The feed lips were machined wrong, but I didn't get around to testing the mag until like 6 months after I received it. I even tried to tinker/bend the feed lips. I emailed them, even admitted to working on the mag, and they still took it back and sent me a brand new one (only cost me a couple bucks to ship back the old one)

So, while in reality it would be great if they were a bit better with their descriptions, if you call them they will be honest, and if you have a problem, they will take care of you.

Just my .02

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Kennyboy, I, too, was put off

Kennyboy, I, too, was put off by the disclaimer, "SOLD IN AS IS CONDITION NO RETURNS." Buying a firearm in "as is" condition (with no returns) is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, thank you for posting your experiences. After reading what you went through with Widener's I feel fortunate indeed that my one purchase from Widener's went well. I might add that, in seeming contrast to your "shady vendor" experiences, it was a purchase from AIM (rather than Widener's) that turned into a nightmare for me.

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Watch out for this scam post.

Watch out for this scam post. Read the actual description of the rifles on the main website. They're in fair condition. Not "very good" condition.

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I got an M44 from the, the

I got an M44 from the, the condition looked great at first until I started cleaning it. The wood is good, the bore was OK but the bolt had rust and some terrible machine marks. It took a lot of muscle to get that bolt to cycle properly.

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