Remington manufactured M16 Full Auto Lower Parts Kit $89.99

M16 Full Auto Lower Parts Kit
USA manufactured contract over run M-16 Parts to replace your used parts with new mil-spec parts. This kit is intended to replace full auto parts in a registered full auto lower. Replacing AR-15 parts with some M-16 Parts does not make your rifle into a fully automatic rifle. Also replacing AR-15 parts with M-16 parts, without legal paperwork will make your rifle illegal. Please consult with ATF on how to obtain legal paperwork / documentation to own a fully automatic firearm. Possession of M16 parts in a rifle without proper paperwork can have legal ramifications such as fines, confiscation, and imprisonment. Again, please check to make sure you have the proper paperwork to own or take possession of Automatic weapon parts before ordering. Also be advised, taking possession or owning a lower receiver and having automatic weapon parts, may also have legal issues. IE if you own a lower receiver, it is considered a firearm by law.

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Im sure it's been brought up already, but my opinion is if you don't have a registered lower, do not buy this.
It won't do you any good and although probably slim chance it could get you into legal trouble.

There is no point buying this if you don't already have a registered FA.

On the other hand if you do have one.. not a bad price to pick up spare parts.

Got ya lower parts kit right here

Seems like entrapment to me. Like a roach motel. You can check in but won't check out. Liberal buffoonery. I guess a prepaid card and granyys address it is

Entrapment involves luring you into a crime, owning this is not a crime. I have, I think 5 of these laying around, ordered a few times, and they are literally everywhere online. DOA prices them right though. By the way no need for prepaids and grannys addresses. Nobody's giving anyone your address because there is no crime, reasonable cause is needed for warrants and every arms merchant in the USA understands customer loyalty and privacy, this isn't Facebook.

You need to check your State laws, for example it is illegal to own these parts in Washington State. I can't buy an AK parts kit if the kit includes the Auto Sear in the kit. " 2) any part designed and intended solely and exclusively for use in a machine gun.1"
Personally I'd like 3 round burst to be legal .... full auto is fun, but who can afford it? Guess it would be nice to choose though without restrictions. It looks like this sight will sell them to WA. residents .... which surprises me!?

I just did some research, read some threads and some legal cases. This is what I walked away with.
While it's really grey on whether it's legal to keep a full auto LPK and an unmodified AR-15 in the same structure, it's very clear that doing so provides enough reasonable suspicion for the ATF to kick down your door. At that point, it's a crap shoot on whether you'll get an indictment for constructive possession. My guess would be that it would depend on the political climate at that particular time. Regardless, you will end up buying a new door and shelling out money for a lawyer. Also, it seems clear that the ATF knows who buys these LPK's. Whether shops are handing over customer information without a warrant or not, that can only be speculated on.
The takeaway I get from this is - It's not worth the trouble finding out. And DOA is irresponsible for putting this item on sale and advertising it to the general public. Little good could come from buying one of these just to hang on to it or to resell it during a panic. If you want to purchase one for a SHTF situation, well, you would be well advised to be cautious and not keep it in the same house as a legal, registered, unmodified AR-15. Too many if's. Doesn't seem like a good or safe idea to buy one. Constructive possession is a bitch.

That's like saying owning a Maglite and shopping at Orileys auto parts will get you attention suspected of making unregistered silencers.

Puts up a made up address on a pre-paid card an have it shipped to an empty place on the same block that you live in. Then just go pick it up from that mail box. They won't know who really got the parts lol

Never go full retard. Quote (Tropic thunder)

even if you want this, it's cheaper elsewhere: $78 @

Does this, or does this not, have an auto-sear included? If not, I don't want one.

Yes, complete full auto parts kit including sear.

This is repeated over and over and even found in FFL literature. The reason for such an admonition is not that such behavior is per se illegal, but because a person could, by mistake, stockpile too many parts and have enough to readily convert their AR to full auto.

A person who possesses a registered M-16 machinegun and
a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle and a separate quantity of M-16
machinegun components could be in possession of two machineguns.

I just have to add: full semiautomatic.

LMFAO......Oh God that's good stuff!

So many uninformed tinfoilers commenting like they know what they're talking about. Funny thread if nothing else. This most MOLONS ALL THE LABE. LOL

Is this the bump stock I’ve heard about?

Umm...yea. Best bump stock you can buy for the money. But you don't really need one. Just place your safety selector half way between safe and fire and hold down the trigger. You will have auto fire. Just make sure you are using reloadable brass. This trick won't work with titanium or depleted uranium ammo. It will jam and your girlfriend will have to fix it for you.

Erh me gerd furr auto parts are irregal. Everyone calm down. You can own everything on this list. they don’t send it to the ATF. There’s nothing illegal in here, the only thing that’s illegal is what you decide to do with it and if you do it the right or wrong way

For all who saying its illegal, the only thing that is illegal to own is the full auto sear.


As soon as you order, DOA sends your info to the ATF. Also, this might be the ATF themselves!

I'm not entirely sure if this is how it goes, but I'm confident that the ATF will find out sooner than later that you purchased the LPK. Then, at the very least, you're under the microscope.

They do not and it's Not illegal to own this stuff. You're stupid. There's a few suppliers that do the same sale but for twice the price. Bought myself one set of these already, no ATF and I'm very easy to find. It'd be business suicide to openly sell illegal stuff - DOA has been here a long time.

Just because they didn't show up at your door doesn't mean you didn't get investigated.

Well you can be the guinea pig bud...

It's not illegal to own the parts kit. It's illegal to own a unregistered M16 lower receiver. I highly doubt the ATF cares. But regardless it's pointless to own.

I'm going for an AR15 A2 build and looking for authentic parts and feel, like the M7 bayo. So even without a extra hole drilled in my receiver, this kit makes it slightly more authentic to the A2 experience, and not pointless for my scenario.

So, would one need to register the stripped lower as a separate Class 3 item besides the auto sear?

the lower is legally considered the "gun" and the only part to need registration, but you need a licence to make one, or a ton of monies to buy one, legally, then register.

I never said it was illegal to own, fuzzlicker. Enjoy those extra eyes watching you.

Let me wanted the parts for "spares?"


For the uninformed, these are replacement parts for registered FA lowers. Plain and simple. The parts are not regulated, we are a FFL/SOT with the proper licence to build full auto rifles. If you do not have a registered lower or the license to do so, you can not modify your lower to accept these parts legally. The verbiage in the ad is to protect you and us. Here are links to our LEO demo rifles being ran by a members of the VBPD at Academi (formerly Blackwater)

If these are not regulated, would anyone be allowed to buy them and resell them on Gunbroker the next time a panic sets in from a mass shooting or a liberal fucktard moves into the White House? What about constructive possession? If I have an unmodified, legal AR-15 that hasn't been modified to accept these parts, can I buy them to resell them? Just because they're unregulated doesn't mean they aren't tracked/watched. Does your shop hand over lists of it's customers who buy unregulated parts to law enforcement agencies without a warrant?

I think these are the pertinent questions. Bump stocks are going to be gone very shortly, thanks to the Las Vegas shooter. We're only one mass shooting away from losing 80% receivers. People are going to want to have options for a SHTF situation other than slam fire shotguns.

Wait, so you are worried about a "liberal fucktard" I assume taking your guns but you are suggesting this completely harmless item be regulated because it *could* be used as a component to an unregistered a NFA regulated item?!? All you need to make thermite is aluminum and rust (iron oxide) you think we should also regulate / track iron and aluminum? My recycling bin is full of "constructive possession!"

By your logic: why should an 80 percent lower be legal? Anyone with the skills to make a semi auto AR could just as easily make a full auto lower. The 80 percent lower is just as much "constructive possession" as this parts kit is.

It's idiots like you who are the real grabbers, cutting your nose off to spite the face.

These were questions for the seller, not political commentary for you to get your panties in a twist. I don't think any of it should be regulated, LPK's, drop-in auto sears, especially suppressors. I just wanted to see what the seller was going to say about constructive possession. Since they sell it, they should know the actual legal ramifications of possessing it in a structure that has an unmodified AR-15. As far as liberal fucktards, I said that because I'm not a liberal. What the fuck, dude. You read my post as wrong as you possibly could.

"If these are not regulated, would anyone be allowed to buy them and resell them on Gunbroker the next time a panic sets in from a mass shooting?"

Are you really asking the seller to prophesize the future?

"These were questions for the seller"

No, they were pointed attacks which you are now back peddling on.

"These were questions for the seller, not political commentary"

Says the person who brought up POLITICS.

"for you to get your panties in a twist

Your panties need untwisting, plus your knees needs unjerking. Calm down sweetie.

"Since they sell it, they should know the actual legal ramifications of possessing it in a structure that has an unmodified AR-15."

It's completely legal hence the reason for your little rant.

WTF dude...

Yeah? Panic sets and you can sell them for more than you bought them for. But I have an AR-15 so I have to find out about constructive possession. What did you think I was trying to say?

I would not think it would be a problem if your AR-15 lower was not cut to accept the parts however anything can happen. I have plenty of AR-15 rifles and 'pistols' that could, in theory, have their uppers and lowers miss-matched to create
an unregistered SBR. I would never do that of course but "constructive possession" could be argued,

You never know what a federal prosecutor will try to do, especially during an election cycle. Usually these things are based on legal precedents, at least the court decisions. I wanted to know if the retailer of this LPK hands over their customer list and their orders without a warrant. I don't think there are any legal guidelines that dictate how an investigation can start or when/how it ends. I agree with you. Common sense says that if a particular AR-15 is not cut to accept this kit in its entirety then it can't be made to shoot fully automatic with this kit. And you shouldn't be liable to be prosecuted under a "constructive possession" case. But things are rarely that straightforward. And even if you can't be prosecuted fully, federal law enforcement agencies can make your life beyond miserable with a simple investigation. The can, more or less, do what they want.

You are right about that. Even if the charge is dropped you might be bankrupt due to legal bills.

Gentlemen, I believe the internal width of an ar lower receiver isn't sufficient to house functional m 16 trigger components. I would also think the 3 round burst would be far more desirable. I believe that configuration has two disconnectors . I'm sure someone in this community knows(91f,2111, gunners mate). All that to say, I been wrong before.

LOL, Replacing AR-15 parts with some M-16 Parts does not make your rifle into a fully automatic rifle

Actually, it can.

No it can't. The internal width of an AR15 receiver is narrower to make it impossible, without alot of milling/modifying, to except the auto sear. and there's no auto sear hole for the auto sear pin. An M16 has 3 pins: hammer, trigger and auto sear. AR15 only has 2 it's really obvious just look up picture on google. It's pointless to own unless you want to go to poundme intheass federal prison.

Considering I have been in for 19 years now I have seen a more than a few. I also have a shop full of 91Fs that work for me. All you have to do is drill a hole and install the parts. The end.

You certainly can install M16 parts on an AR and make it full auto. And that is the statement I agreed to. In fact, that is exactly how some makers do it.

Go to gun broker and look at many of the FA ones for sale.

Replacing SOME AR 15 parts with some m-16 parts does NOT make the rifle fully automatic. You need am M16 profile bolt and an M16 sear

Many ARs have full auto bolt carriers (plus they are for sale EVERYWHERE) and this kits contains a full auto sear. What was your point again?

It's amazing that everyone is pretending there isn't a large part of the market that makes receivers from almost scratch therefore, as a community, we are too dumb to figure out how to drill a single hole for the sear.


Well you can buy this and a $350 Anderson and flip it for $24K profit lol

This is funny. Cmon... how many broke ass bastards here actually own a full auto M16 and are looking for a deal on parts their $25k+ firearm lol.

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