US Mfg
Semi Automatic
Surplus / Used
M1 Carbine Rifle, .30 Caliber, Semi-Auto, Original U.S. Military rifles manufactured by the Underwood Elliot Fisher Company of Hartford Connecticut. Much like I.B.M, prior to WWII, the Underwood Elliott Fisher Company was primarily known for manufacturing typewriters, cash registers, adding machines, and general office equipment. However, when asked to get into rifle production, they took to it like a duck to water eventually opening not only more Hartford facilities, but also one in Bridgeport, Connecticut. These rifles are all C & R Eligible

We had the opportunity to inspect these rifles before purchase and each one was chosen based on our grading and criteria. If the rifle did not live up to our grading standard of at least NRA surplus good, or if it failed our mechanical dry fire test, then it was rejected. What we ended up with was a very nice small lot of M1 Carbines.

About the condition - These are surplus rifles that have been stored for a number of years, in their original turn in condition. As such, expect some dings, scratches, nicks, etc, on the wood, and of course varying stages of bluing wear. Having said that, the rifles we selected had to reach a certain minimum threshold that we felt justified the price before we would accept the rifle and we tried to keep our standards pretty high in terms of our cosmetic grading. A few of the rifles may have very minor non-function inhibiting cracks in the furniture but if they exist they have been inspected here and deemed to be not significant enough to adversely affect the grading. We also did a multi-point dry function test to ensure that the rifles would be in good working order. Also, while we never guarantee for bore condition, we did clean several bores and the bores cleaned up quite nicely on all of the guns that we randomly sampled to run a brush through. Frankly, I think we have hit a home run here. Each rifle ships with one new aftermarket replica of an original 15 round magazine. Don't miss this.

Additional Custom Option - When going through the inspection process we discovered some M1 Carbines that were in the "transitional period" configuration. These rifles feature the Type 1 or Type 2 barrel band (without the bayonet lug) and may have either the Flip-Over style rear sights or the Type 2 or Type 3 adjustable rear sights, depending on the individual firearm. These guns most commonly have the push-button type safety, although a few do have the more standard flip lever style safety. These rifles are an interesting piece of history and show the many configurations of the M1 Carbine during WWII. They are also a much rarer variation and are perfect for completing or adding a different style M1 Carbine to your collection. Unfortunately, the differences in the sights and safeties are too numerous and fall in too many combinations to allow us to offer specific custom options for each so those characteristics will be luck of the draw, however, the common denominator will be the lighter weight rifle due to no bayonet lug. These models are really cool and quite collectible. If these options exist among any of the individual manufacturer's SKU's they will be listed at an upcharge under the Custom Option selection tabs below while supplies last.

Original U.S. Gov't Contract Rifles
.30 Cal
Underwood Manufacturing

Country of Manufacture United States
License Requirement Curio and Relic
Manufacturer US Mfg
Mfg. Part Number M1-Carbine Underwood
UPC ITM276225
Caliber/Gauge .30
Action Semi Automatic
Condition Surplus / Used

M1-Carbine Underwood

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