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An automatic, five-station press, Hornady's Lock-N-Load AP lets us switch dies, powder dies, check dies, bullet seaters or crimp dies without changing the whole die head. Change one die or all with one quick twist. The Lock-N-Load AP comes complete with everything listed here, as well as extra bushings. Features Includes: Lock-N-Load Powder Measure, Priming System, Lock-N-Load Bushing System with five bushings, Case Activated Powder Drop, Five Station Die Platform, Universal Ejector, Automatic Indexing, Case Retainer and Large Cartridge Catcher and set up DVD. With E-Z ject. THIS PRESS NO LONGER COMES WITH A SHELL PLATE, IT MUST BE PURCHASED SEPERATELY.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Reloading Press with Ezject makes it possible to change metering inserts quickly. Simply press a button to go from one powder to another. The rugged, responsive press is designed with a retainer spring, so a case can be removed and replaced fast. The Hornady AP Press also features an automatic system for indexing. Every station is made to move one-half stage on both upstroke and down stroke. NO SHELL PLATE INCLUDED.
- Lock-N-Load powder measure
- Rifle and pistol metering assemblies
- Case activated powder drop and linkage
- Cartridge catcher
- Large and small primer pick-up tubes
- 5 Lock-N-Load Bushings
MPN#: PC095100
UPC#: 090255951004

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Expiration date 2020-Feb-26 Report
Expiration date 2020-Feb-26 Report
Expiration date 2020-Feb-26 Report

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Thoughts on this for some one looking to get into reloading? Should I go with something more basic? I'm not really looking to save money, more of getting into a hobby.

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I bought the Classic kit from them Wednesday last week, arrived today. Sending the rebate tonight to get 500 free bullets (for roughly $20 that are currently selling for $85 so take that for what it's worth I guess.)

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Great deal from a great family owned company.

1 vote
0 votes
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