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The Loaded Gear HD-600 hard case is an edge-to-edge crushproof military case. This loaded Gear military case is built to high quality specifications to withstand extreme weather conditions, crushing, and shock. This shockproof case is designed for storage and transport of larger valuable equipment such as optics, laptops, tablet computers, multiple handguns/ weapons, cameras, camera lenses, sales samples and professional equipment. It is built with convenient rollers and a extendable travel handle so items can be easily transported. When closed with the two exterior grasping latches, an o-ring lining forms a watertight and airtight seal that also servers to protect against moisture damage. To equalize atmospheric pressure the HD-600 Loaded Gear tough case features an external air purge valve. Manufactured from anticorrosive material, these tough crushproof equipment cases are ruggedly designed to withstand the elements. With a working temperature of -10°F to 210 °F the HD-600 strong case can withstand freezing arctic cold and searing desert heat.

Model number#: BH11866

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So far, not one Barska-labeled product I've purchased has been worth the $ spent on it. Not certain how they could screw up a case, but am willing to wager you'll be much happier with spending the same $ on a Pelican* case.

* - with their (in)famous "Lifetime warranty, barring shark bite, bear attack or children under 5..." X-D

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