LMT 308 Modular Weapon System 16" Chrome-Lined BBL - $2439.99 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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.308 Modular Weapon System with 16" Chrome Lined Barrel.

MWS .308 upper receiver with 16" chrome-lined 1:10" twist .308 barrel, standard semi-auto bolt carrier group, tactical charging handle assembly, LM308MWS lower with SOPMOD buttstock, two-stage trigger group, ambi selector and ambi mag release. Complete weapon ships with a sling, operator's manual, tactical adjustable rear sight, tactical front sight, (1) twenty-round magazine, torque wrench/driver and (3) rail panels.
- Direct Gas Impingement
- Overall length with SOPMOD collapsed: 35"
- Overall length with SOPMOD extended: 38"
- A2 Birdcage compensator
- 5/8 X 24 thread pitch
- Low profile gas black
- Cryogenically treated barrel to increase accuracy, barrel life and easier cleaning
- 5 QD Sling Swivel attachment points
- Electronically tested and recorded trigger pull

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 308/7.62x51mm
Brand: Lmt (lewis Machine & Tool)
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I came close to buying one,

I came close to buying one, at the time for 2700 after much research ( no lifetime warranty btw only a 1 year and a statement that basically lmt is all about customer service that after the year they will fix the rifle if need be.... verbal non written ) I found a smoking deal on a sig 716....And a core30 for a few bucks less than the lmt.... both are lifetime warranty the sig .... is a sig.... The core is great all billit with a match grade ss barrel . I made the correct choice for myself

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I have to agree...NOT A DEAL

I have to agree...NOT A DEAL ..it would be a deal @ 1600.00. Dont get all the thumbs up. Must be employee vote day at lmt.

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jrmar2015's picture

$2500?! For what?! Is that a

$2500?! For what?! Is that a typo?

Maybe they meant $1500 for what sounds like a pretty basic .308
MWS: Modular and upgradeable - That would describe an AR15 alright. Even some shotguns!
Direct Gas Impingement: Gas tube vs piston -Yep. Just like most INEXPENSIVE ARs
Chrome lined barrel: So? - You can probably get one for $250 that shoots just as straight
Semi-auto BCG: Not full-auto style?
Tactical Charging Handle: I got my BCM at Amazon for $40... nuff said

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2 votes

lol, you do realize that they

lol, you do realize that they ake versions of the AR10 from $600-6000 depending on brand and quality? This specific one was adopted by the UK military

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Price is a way to high.

Price is a way to high. However many people would chose LMT versus any other brand just because LMT is really a top pick for US military. Not saying it is important but it was a couple of folks really coming from Afgan saying that uncle sam gave them something similar when been on duty

1 vote
1 vote

Modular Weapon System....

Modular Weapon System.... could not they just say "a rifle". Like using 3 hundreds words for describing a simple thing would justify paying $$$ extra on top of the regular price. Weapon system my ass.

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3 votes

this specific one allows

this specific one allows barrel changes with a wrench provided to accommodate multiple rounds. You should stop posting

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TacticalToiletSplatter's picture

That's one expensive torque

That's one expensive torque wrench. Must be a Snap-On.

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1 vote

I looked at this gun at my

I looked at this gun at my local gun shop. The one on display was beat up. I asked if they had any more and they brought me one new out of box that was even worse. I don't know if this was a coincidence or if LMT's quality control is going down hill. The one out of the box had the worst machine marks I have ever seen in an upper receiver. No way an ISO9000 company should have missed that. You may want to consider what I saw before purchasing. I hope that is not the case because I do like the the replaceable barrels for this gun. I would hate to by this online and when it arrives at the dealer, it looks like crap.

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