Born out of a need for a suppressor that exemplifies versatility, the Mystic X is equally at home on rifles, pistols, centerfire, or rimfire. Rated for a full 52 calibers, this suppressor can handle anything from 17 HMR all the way up to 7.62x39mm. and with Dual Arc Baffle Technology, 7 of those calibers are even full auto rated. The Mystic X tips the scales at 13.9oz with any of the several booster options available, and slightly less with one of the Fixed Barrel Adaptor variants. Keeping with the theme of simplicity, the the stainless steel core can be removed from the titanium tube to be cleaned in any method you choose; dipped, ultrasonic, media blasted, or soaked in solvents. The Mystic X is our most popular can and is an excellent choice for the first time suppressor buyer due to it’s versatility and ease of use and maintenance
Mystic X Silencer
1/2-28 LoPro FBA
5/8-24 LoPro FBA
1/2-28 FBA (Stainless)
5/8-24 FBA (Stainless)
SKU : LIB-MysticX-Kit
Model : Mystic X Kit
UPC : LIB-MysticX-Kit

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Great suppressor and needed adapters that work from 22LR thru 9mm thru 308 and more.

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Remember, if you want to keep seeing great silencer deals like this, contact your Congresscritter & Senator to have them vote NO on H.R.3454 sponsored by that idiot NJ congressman..

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