Liberty Mystic X Kit Includes:

Mystic X Silencer
1/2-28 LoPro FBA
5/8-24 LoPro FBA
1/2-28 FBA (Stainless)
5/8-24 FBA (Stainless)

Length: 8”
Diameter: 1.375”
Weight: 10.5 oz.
Core – Stainless steel
Tube – Titanium
Tube Retaining Ring – Alloy steel
Finish: Type C High Temp Cerakote™ In Graphite Black
Mounting via: Numerous types specific to each platform.
Aprox. Sound Reduction: 33dB – 38dB across several platforms.

The first true multipurpose suppressor, the Mystic, set the bar high for a multipurpose design.

Now the Mystic X has improved upon that ground breaking technology.

Born out of a need for a suppressor that exemplifies versatility, the Mystic X is equally at home on rifles, pistols, centerfire, or rimfire. Rated for a full 52 calibers, this suppressor can handle anything from 17 HMR all the way up to 7.62x39mm. and with Dual Arc Baffle Technology, 7 of those calibers are even full auto rated. The Mystic X tips the scales at 13.9oz with any of the several booster options available, and slightly less with one of the Fixed Barrel Adaptor variants. Keeping with the theme of simplicity, the the stainless steel core can be removed from the titanium tube to be cleaned in any method you choose; dipped, ultrasonic, media blasted, or soaked in solvents. The Mystic X is our most popular can and is an excellent choice for the first time suppressor buyer due to it’s versatility and ease of use and maintenance.

Designed with Dual Arc Baffle technology, the Mystic X is incredibly quiet for a centerfire monolithic core suppressor. Although the real treat is the Mystic X performs really well on so many centerfire rifle and handgun calibers. The 7.62 x 39 and the 300 BLK are prime examples of this. Not only in subsonic, but many rifle calibers are also rated for supersonic speeds as well. 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 357 Maximum or 9×25 Dillon? No problem! The Mystic X loves all these rounds and many more! Being takedown in design, this suppressor is a favorite of people using cast lead bullets. It is well known that lead buildup in the 9mm and 22LR suppressors is a reality and the Mystic X is perfectly suited for this application.

We also performed an accuracy test to see how it would affect performance on a 300 Blackout bolt rifle (a nice little handy hunting rig) Group size without the suppressor averaged right at .75″ at 50 yards with 208 AMAX subsonic loads, and shot exactly the same with the Mystic X mounted, with no perceptible point of impact shift either. We like a 50 yard zero as this gives a PBR of about 150 yards with the 208 sub loads, so that is what we chose to test at as well.

Manufacturers Recommendation: When disassembling a take apart suppressor, if more than hand force is necessary to remove the inner core from the outer tube, please use a simi-soft material such as wood, rubber, or nylon as opposed to harder items like a hammer.

Mystic X Updated Caliber Rating
17 M2 (Rimfire)
17 HMR (Rimfire)
17 WSM (Rimfire)
22 Short (Rimfire)
22 Lone (Full Auto)
22 LR (Rimfire)
22 Mag (Rimfire)
22 Hornet
22 K Hornet 218 Bee*
219 Zipper*
221 Fireball*
223 Rem (See Note Below)*
22 PPC (See Note Below)
30 PPC (See Note Below)
30 Carbine
30 Herrett
30 Mauser
30-30 Winchester*
32 S&W Long
32 H&R Magnum
4.6 X 30 HK (Full Auto)
5.56MM NATO*
5.7 X 28 FN (Full Auto)
6MM PPC (See Note Below)*
6MM BR (See Note Below)*
7-30 Waters*
9 x 18 (Full Auto)
9 x 19 (Base Caliber) (Full Auto)
9 x 21 9 x 23 (38 Super)
9 x 23 Winchester
9 x 25 Dillon
9 x 25 Super Auto G
300 BLACKOUT Subsonic 8” Barrel (Full Auto)
300 BLACKOUT Supersonic 8” Barrel Min.*
380 (Full Auto)
38 Special
38 S&W
357 Sig
357 Mag
357 Maximum Supersonic
357 Auto Mag
357 Herrett
338 Spectre
300/221 Fireball
300 Whisper©
5.45x39MM Russian*
6.5 Grendel (See Note Below)
6.8 SPC (See Note Below)*
7.62 x 25 MM (Full Auto)*
7.62 x 38 R*
7.62 x 39 MM*
.308 Win*
.270* 8mm Mauser*
.6.5 Creedmoor*
7mm Mag*
7mm – 08*
300 WSM*
338 Win Mag*
Up to 300 Win Mag*

* We recommend the full size, stainless steel Liberty Suppressors Fixed Barrel Adapter with this caliber.

Barrel Restrictions For MX2600 and above: • .223, 7.62 x 39, 6.8 SPC size family of cartridges are now rated for 11.5” barrels. • 300 Blackout is now rated down to 5” barrels as long as the twist rate of the barrel will stabilize the bullet in flight. • .308 families of cartridges, such as 243 Win, 270 Win, 30-06, etc. are rated for 18” or longer barrels. • 300 Win Mag family of cartridges such as 7mm REM MAG, 338 Win Mag, 300 WSM, etc. are rated for 22” or longer barrels.
Note: All suppressor sold are serial number MX2600 and above.

Would you rather have this same setup but in full Titanium ( Titanium tube and baffle system)? Get the Infinity X Kit Here:

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The core looks just like a Chineseum solvent trap from Aliexpress or something.

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Get Rex instead , $350 on most mg7 on sales

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Not worth it

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