Legacy Escort Defense Marine 12GA 18", Nickel, Black Synthetic Stock - MarineGuard Home Defense shotguns are the long-standing workhorses of the Escort Home Defense line. These shotguns feature a rifle-style front sight on an 18 inch, cylinder bore barrel. The MarineGuard is offered in water resistant nickel finish and black synthetic stock. These pumps both have short stroke actions for quick repeat shots over a 5 round tube magazine, and have large, easy to find slide releases ahead of their trigger guard. Their short barrels make them ideal for tight spots and easy handling. 12 gauge only. The MarineGuard comes with sling swivel studs and a dovetailed receiver for mounting accessory sights.

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'Sworn enemies' & 'insane murder cult'

Maybe speaking aloud (what you type) would have been better advice.
Well you got religion, grammer and politics outa the way. I'll concede that you make more money than I do, and we can close out this difference of opinion regarding 23% of earths population.

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Made by Hatsan in Turkey, a majority muslim country.

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Your correct, the census report of a country's religion reflects directly into quality of arms. Next time you want to speak, try thinking first. If thinking proves painful, read a book. Any book will benefit you, I'd suggest an author by the name of Dr. Seuss..

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Dr. Seuss is obviously beyond your limited comprehension. I made no mention of firearms quality. The point is warning those who don't want to spend their money with the sworn enemies of all who don't belong to their insane murder cult. If you're a looney lib who thinks we're all brothers by all means support the muslims with your purchases. And while you're at it go back to grade school & learn the difference between you're & your.

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