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Flat Rate $20 shipping on these guns

Grade 1
The gun is in very good to excellent condition. 

Grade 2
The gun is in good to very good condition.

Grade 3
The gun is in fair to good condition.

The GLOCK 23 combines compact dimensions for both open and concealed carry, with minimum weight, despite its substantial magazine capacity in 40 S&W caliber. Having survived endurance tests and use by numerous Law Enforcement agencies, the G23 pistol has repeatedly demonstrated its world-class durability and reliability in the most adverse conditions.

Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering firearms.

IMPORTANT: You must include your FFL's name and phone number in the comment section before you click "Place My Order".
Handguns must be shipped via 2nd Day Air. You do not need to select 2nd Day Air during checkout, You can choose any shipping option for long guns.
You will receive an order confirmation e-mail with your order number. If you do not receive an email order status update within two business days after placing your order, please give us a call at 1-800.852.6088.
Contact your FFL to arrange pickup of your firearm.
Ammunition and firearms must be shipped separately
Once the transfer of the firearm is complete, the manufacturer's warranty is in effect
Firearms are non-returnable
Firearm Restrictions:
California: Handguns must be on Approved List. Assault weapons must be CA Approved.
Connecticut: No Semi-Auto Rifles
Maryland: Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
Massachusetts: No Handguns, Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New Jersey: Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New York: No Assault Weapons, No Handguns (NYC)
Washington D.C.: No Firearms
High Capacity Magazine Restrictions:
High capacity magazines are not legal in all areas of the U.S. Please be aware of your local laws before ordering. It is the customer's responsibility to comply with all laws regarding these items.

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Last time I got a grade 2 glock from them it was chewed on by a dog.

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In rare scenarios where firearms are damaged, we will offer a replacement or a refund.

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After I received it I email you. No response. After I commented on the original post you asked my order number like you were going to do something about it then nothing. I wiil keep reminding everyone about your horrible customer service!

1 vote
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