The LAUGO Alien has landed in the US, get your Laugo Arms Alien Pistol at Laugo Master Dealer BattleHawk Armory today!

The latest in a line of the fastest, flattest, smoothest-shooting, most versatile pistols in the world.

Lancer Systems has joined forces with Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia to bring you the latest in Laugo’s line of pistols, the Laugo Alien Performance.

The Alien Performance comes complete with a custom hard case containing the Alien pistol, two (2) magazines, a standard top rail with adjustable competition, fiber optic sights, tools, and a snap-cap for dry fire exercises. The custom hard case is cut-out to accommodate an optional red dot sight top rail and optional accessory magwell.

Alien Performance Kit Includes:

Laugo Arms Alien Performance pistol (9x19mm)
Two (2) 17-rd Magazines
Standard Fiber Optic Iron Sight Top Rail
Custom Hard Case
Tool kit
The Laugo Arms Alien represents a quantum leap forward in semi-automatic pistol design; a specimen of evolutionary success with multiple patented and innovative performance features and a DNA deeply rooted in competition. Freed from the confines of obsolete locking mechanisms and conventional trigger designs, the Alien ushers in the dawn of a new breed… the first of its kind.

World’s lowest bore axis reduces muzzle flip for an incredibly flat recoil impulse
Fixed barrel eliminates movement during the firing cycle, resulting in exceptional accuracy
Innovative gas delayed blowback system brings the pistol back on target faster
Interchangeable slide rails and magazine wells allow for misson-specific adaptability
Non-reciprocating top rail provides an uninterrupted sight picture and target focus
Exacting quality derived from industry-leading manufacturing processes and equipment
Every shooter is faster with Alien pistol.
This is caused by the lowest bore axis in the world. Bore axis is located just 1,7mm under the axis of shooters grip. As a result, the pistol practically does not elevate after the shot and has almost flat recoil angle and no muzzle flip.

With Alien pistol shooters are more accurate.
This effect is caused by the permanently fixed barrel to the frame.
As a result, the barrel does not move during the fire cycle and can free float like on the sniper rifle. That altogether with precise manufacturing contributes to the exceptional accuracy of this firearm.

The Alien pistol brings you perfect controllability.
During the firing especially when rapid firing or performing double taps. This perfect controllability is achieved by Laugo Arms gas delayed blowback system. Alien does not have obsolete locking slide instead we took the gas pressure from the barrel and we let it slow down the recoil by using this power through gas piston against the slide movement. The more powerful shot the more it slows down the recoil. That gives shooter maximum recoil control even with different types of ammo.

The Alien pistol can be extremely easily adopted for different purposes.
‍With just one click shooter can change the nature of the Alien pistol by changing the upper part of the slide. There are different slide rails available for iron sight, many types of red dot sights, or even MIL-STD-1913 rail. Moreover, Alien can be equipped with open division kit, that includes compensator, open division upper slide rail, magwell and other optional upgrades.

The shooter gains the advantage from perfect target acquisition.
This has been achieved by permanent line of sight which, unlike the old school pistols, does not reciprocate during the fire cycle. Thanks to this feature shooter can easily control the target all the time even when rapidly firing as he will never lose the line of sight. Red dots will last much longer on the Alien pistol due to the non-reciprocating upper part of the slide. On most pistols the movement of the slide damages the red dot which results to constant need of replacement. The red dot on Alien pistol will last the same as on the standard SMG or rifle – the way it has been designed to work.


210 mm/8.2“

29 mm/ 1.1“

148 mm/5.8“

Barrel length
124 mm/4.8“

1009 g/ 2.2 lbs.

Weight with empty magazine
1121 g/ 2.47 lbs.

Trigger pull adjustable
10 to 25 n
* adjustable by manufacturer

Standard magazine capacity

Bore axis
1,7mm below the line
of grip axis,

Number of replaceable
upper rails

Recoil angle
1⁄2 of the others

Sight radius
185mm/ 7.3”

Manufacturer LAUGO ARMS
Model Alien Performance Threaded
UPC 073843500040

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It will lose 50% of its value when you drive it off the lot.

2 votes
0 votes

I purchased a Strike One for 799.00 a while ack with 5 mags and an extra barrel. I wonder how this comparisons to that gun.

0 votes
1 vote

7/29/22: A $5,000 target pistol. Sure

0 votes
0 votes


“It’s a laugo alien, you’ve probably never heard of it…”

0 votes
0 votes

I'll take five at this price!

1 vote
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Yeah I’m all for progress and forward thinking and all that crap, but the design looks very similar to the Archon Type B/Arsenal Strike One which have been around for a few years already. Interchangeable slide rails are nothing new either (see FN FNP). Then they add a gas delayed blowback system and slap a $5000+ price tag on it? Pass.

1 vote
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Sure this may not be everyone's cup of tea or within alot of folks budgets but one must admit this has some really good forward thinking technology wrapped up in this sleek package! $5100 isn't nothing to sneeze at but as a competition or as a custom pistol, it's within range of what one would expect to spend on something of the same "caliber". (Pun intended).
As far as it being stamped "Czecholsovaklia" it is possible that certain parts of that country do not recognize or use the new "Czech republic" monikar. And truthfully, who cares? If I was in the market for a custom race gun I sure would be looking at this one.

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0 votes

Yeah reminds me of a semi automatic version of the Chappa (I don’t know if I’m spelling it right) RHINO revolver with its bottom firing cylinder.

0 votes
0 votes

"Chiappa" [pronounced "key OPPA"] -- you forgot the "i"... Wish the Rhino lived up to the quality of its MATEBA progenitor, but from all I've read from 1st hand users, it's not built to withstand regular use. Too many MIM parts...

0 votes
0 votes

Chiapas I’ll remember that, And I did hear that the rhinos did have some problem, and it is too bad that they don’t hold up because it seems like a nice design.

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0 votes

I was gonna get it but then I saw it was not optics ready and there’s no free shipping, disappointing:(

1 vote
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At least they cut the foam case so that you can spend even more on the optional optic ready top rail. That’s a win in my book. Lmfao. Still a next level pistol.

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Even worse.
It's stamped (you can see in the pics) Czechoslovakia.
There hasn't been a Czechoslovakia in a long ass time.
It's been called the Czech Republic for almost 20 years now.
How old are these pistols anyway ?

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I guess it's stamped Czechoslovakia because the company name is "Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia"? I think the company has been here for a while and that's they have the old country name on and don't bother to change.

1 vote
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