When you hit the target with a laser trainer, it will light up and rumble letting you know of a direct hit.  Just like plinking cans but you don’t have to pick them up.
The 3 target areas on the can will give you a challenge to hit, but rewarded with LED lights and the rumble of victory.  The rumble sound gets louder or softer depending on what surface you place it on.
Place the target on any flat surface and practice shooting them randomly at different distances and locations.  The Rumble Tyme lets you know when it is hit with a celebration of lights and rumble.
The virtual target will not need to be replaced; you will only need to change the batteries after a few thousand shots.
Train at home with the comfort of your favorite couch and air conditioning.  Save time on trips to the range.  Save money on ammo and gas.
Activation: All LaserLyte Laser Trainers
Batteries: 1 x 9V
Battery Life: 6,000 Shots
Material: High Impact ABS Polymer
Weight: 6.40 ounces
Diameter: 2.70 inches
Height: 3.00 inches
Model number#: TLB-RJ

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