Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Kit Perfect for Couch Potato Shooters
Couch potatoes rejoice! The auto-resetting Rumble Tyme Kit is here!
LaserLyte innovators in firearms laser technologies, are giving shooters the perfect reason to spend more quality time on the couch Laser Training with the Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Kit!
Auto-resetting Rumble Tyme Targets from LaserLyte rumble, rotate and radiate with LED lights to celebrate when shot by the laser beam from the included Trainer Trigger Tyme Compact Pistol. Three target areas wrapping around the Rumble Tyme can are automatically ready for the next shot without manually resetting the target.
Immediate feedback of shot placement gives shooters of all ages and skills levels a fun and valuable training tool that can be safely used anytime, anywhere. Whether you shoot from the couch or draw from concealment, you'll spend less time resetting the target and more time Laser Training!
Available now in a complete kit with two Rumble Tyme Targets and a Trigger Tyme Compact, this package gets sport shooters and professionals on target faster, increasing accuracy and overall hits.
- 2 Rumble Tyme Targets
- 1 Trainer Trigger Tyme Compact
- 2 9V Batteries
LaserLyte TLB-LRJ Package Specifications:
LaserLyte Rumble Tyme Laser Trainer Target:
- Activation: All LaserLyte Laser Trainers
- Batteries: 1 x 9V (included)
- Battery Life: 6,000 Shots
- Material: High Impact ABS Polymer
- Weight: 6.40 ounces
- Diameter: 2.70 inches
- Height: 3.00 inches
LaserLyte Trainer Trigger Tyme Compact:
- Power Output: 650nm, 5mW, Class IIIa
- Activation: Trigger activated
- Batteries: 3 x A76 (included)
- Battery Life: 50,000 shots
- Weight: 15 ounces
- Material: High impact ABS polymer
- Length: 6.00 inches
- Width: 1.00 inches
- Height: 4.75 inches
Model number#: TLB-LRJ

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Anyone actually use one of these?

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No. I can afford real ammo. And since I have a shooting range in the back yard, I don't need to 'shoot from the couch'.

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Lol, coming from someone who think Red Drawf is the hight of comedy. Sounds perfect for someone who never left mom's farm and teat. Backyard is one word btw.

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Then why did you click on it and then comment? Trolling?

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I was just wondering why they are selling toys like this and pellet guns on slick guns. I guess kids like you need to play too. Because it is obvious you ARE interested in this. BTW. You might be able to get a good deal on something similar. ToysЯUS is closing and liquidating all their stock :D But have fun with whatever toy you buy. Tell mammie I said 'HI'...

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Have you ever been shot by a good pellet gun. I guarantee it won’t be just a toy then

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I can take a claw hammer and embed it in your skull and that will kill you. I can take a axe and have it sticking out of your chest before you can start pumping your really fine pellet gun. But I wouldn't suggest selling tools on this site. But yes, that is how life works, kid. Children get BB guns and adults get REAL guns. If YOU can't afford a REAL gun, go to Walmart and they can hook you up with one of their fine selections of BB/pellet guns. Some even look like the real thing. All the kids in your neighborhood will be jealous! I gave them up when I was 14.

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Yes trolling. And get off mammie’s i just got off yours

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Hope you had fun f'ing my 77-year-old mom. I heard of guys liking older women, but that is pushing the window a bit. Not sure why you are bragging about that accomplishment. That is something I would be keeping to myself, son. :D I like my girlz just a bit younger ;) Next time pick on a guy that will get upset about the made-up stories where you fuck someone's mother just before you bend over she does the same to you. I'm too old (but not old enough to want to fuck your great-grandma) to give a shit.

BTW Here is something you can pick up with your Cabela's GCs. Your line of guns...

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Is some little boy a big boy that can pay for his own ammunition. You brought up moms do you need a safe corner to cry in. Tell your mom to make you some meatloaf you can eat on the porch with the frig. Tell mom i will be over later. Ok, my poor little sensitive boy. I am going to go play with my nerf guns. You beez playing with your ammo that i’z can afford. Get a girlfriend or a life cant play anymore, later loser

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Loser? Who was the one on a gun site shopping for toys? That would be Mr. freeze1617.

Little boy? I bet I was already serving my time in the NAVY when your Grandpa was slamming his sister in the bathroom of a Sambo's trying to create your daddy. Sensitive? Maybe you need to re-read my post, son. I'm not the one claiming to fuck a 77-year-old great-grandma :D I was the one saying who cares? I don't give a shit. Really! Have fun! Hope you weren't beating off to Barbara Bush's obituary picture. SICK! You REALLY need a hobby.

Girlfriend? Been happily married 26 years, kid. Maybe YOU are the one who needs to put down your XBOX controller and find a life partner. Preferably a woman who won't be dead in a few years.

I love your 'schoolyard' humor. You going to bring up my masculinity next, or go for the win by claiming I work fast food...or will you go the 'jobless' route? Let me know. You amuse me. And my mom is an you may be. If she likes kids that play with toy guns and you like very old women, well, that is between you and her. You don't need to bring the rest of us in on your perverted sexual fantasies.

But don't feel too bad...well...feel how you want. If I liked GGMILFS that were in their 70's and 80's, I would be a bit embarrassed everyone knew too. But at least you didn't give out your full name. You will be OK grand-ma cougar hunter. Next time you may want to find out 'who' you will be fucking B4 claiming to do so. This is the 2010's. You may claim to be fucking someone's mom only to find out that 'she' is a 'he'.

But have fun with your little laser toy gun thingy.

Oh, by the way, thanks for the picture of you, my mom, and another old lady in bed. You look'in good son!

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Well, that went downhill fast.

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