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- Laser sight and laser trainer in one
- Constant-dot and flashing-dot modes
- Rymble Tyme laser target rumbles when hit
- Auto-off feature conserves batteries
- Easy installation

No time to practice at the range? No problem – just hone your skills at home with LaserLyte's Rumble Tyme Laser Sight and Trainer Kit. The Lyte Ryder laser sight combines a laser sight and laser trainer in one lightweight package. In laser-sight mode, the Lyte Ryder puts you accurately on target and adjusts to the bullet impact. Choose between constant-dot or flashing-dot modes. In laser-trainer mode, the Lyte Ryder flashes the laser for 1/10 of a second. The light appears as a dot to indicate a good shot or as a streak to show that your technique needs some work. The Rumble Tyme target lights up and rumbles when you hit it with the laser trainer. Auto-off feature on the Lyte Ryder conserves the batteries. Laser fits most sub-company and full-size pistols with rails. Easy installation. Includes Lyte Ryder laser sight/trainer, Rumble Tyme target and two different sized housings for a custom fit on your gun.

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