LaRue Tactical A-PEG™
Initially designed with the precision shooter in mind, the folks at LaRue Tactical queried trusted individuals in the precision shooting community what they would prefer in a grip. The result is the LaRue A-PEG™. The project grew into an accessory that featured ambidextrous geometry that can be used by all shooters, enchaining control of AR15-type weapons. The A-PEG™ is available in two sizes; Regular (for 5.56 receivers) and Extended (for 7.62 receivers). The Extended version fills the “gap” in AR10-platform receivers.

Inspired by the human hand, the unique “flats” on the front and back fall more naturally onto the geometry of the hand’s structure. The flat front also provides indexing to help level and square the firearm to the target. A sculptured palm swell on either side fits nicely into the hollows of the palm. A gentle taper helps seat the hand towards the firearm, and helps to keep the hand from sliding. The generous texture added to the sides gives just the right amount of traction in slippery conditions.

Having an A2 footprint, the A-PEG™ will attach to almost any firearm that has an AR15-type grip interface. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Length: 4.0” (Extended version is 4.25”)
Length added to firearm: 3.1”
Width: 1.8”
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Materials: Glass-filled polymer.
Colors: Black

Models Available:
Regular (for 5.56 receivers) and Extended (for 7.62 receivers), smooth or rough textured.

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Favorite grip for anything approaching SPR/DMR or Target style.

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This is probably my favorite grip. I really like the larger palm swell this offers and love the texture. Its close to a stark grip in shape but with improved texture.

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Great price on a really comfortable grip.

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