Lancer L5AWM30 Opaque Magazines - $15.25 Free Shipping (Free S/H)

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Coupon "No Code Needed" for No CA Tax - The L5 AWM is a hybrid magazine that combines the best features of polymer and steel magazine designs. Unique to the AWM is the one piece wrap-around hardened steel feed lip assembly that is permanently attached to an impact resistant polymer body. The hardened steel feed lips won’t bend, break or deform due to rough handling or long term storage. An aggressive surface texture has been applied to the polymer body to improve gripping and retrieval from pouches. The combination of steel and polymer result in a lightweight, robust magazine tough enough for professional use.
The L5 AWM is compatible with modern weapon systems; M4/M16/AR, HK416, SCAR-L / Mk16, and the ARX160 to name a few, and is available in 20-and 30-round capacity with a translucent or opaque polymer body.
Material Specification
Body Assembly: Nylon
Feed Lips: AISI 1074 Carbon Steel, .030in thick, Hardened to Rockwell C scale 48 to 52. Coated with a corrosion resistant PTFE coated
Floor Plate: Nylon
Floor Plate Lock: Nylon
Spring: Stainless steel 17-7ph, wire, corrosion resisting, type 631, ASTM A313 precipitation heat treat after forming to condition CH900, Hardness – 84.5 HR15N equivalent min, Finish – 5.4.1 of MIL-STD-171
Follower: Delrin
Weight: 4.4oz

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
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Just got a reply yesterday -

Just got a reply yesterday - the mags are backordered another two weeks. Ah well.

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Dang. Well thanks for the

Dang. Well thanks for the update.

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How does one specify the 4th,

How does one specify the 4th, free magazine?
Do you place 4 magazines in your cart and they charge you for 3?
Do you place 3 magazines in your cart, make sure the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free : Yes" is present, and in the comments specify what the 3rd magazine is?
(Because it seems like you guys are mixing and matching the colors of the 4 total magazines). Just wondering about the logistics. Thanks.

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Add 3 mags and put a note in

Add 3 mags and put a note in the comments section of your order about what you want the 4th mag to be. (I went with all colors of the rainbow.)

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Thanks for the info. I

Thanks for the info. I couldn't find that answer even though this deal is posted on every gun forum on the internet. Keep us updated with your backordered mags. Would like some FDE ones but it seems like you're still waiting on them.

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I purchased four mags on

I purchased four mags on Thursday, got shipping confirmation on Sunday, items arrived at the USPS shipping center on Monday, got my stuff today (Wednesday).

Unfortunately only the black and olive drab mags made it here - the dark earth/foliage green (either one or both) is on backorder for "approximately 3 weeks." I'm sure I'll get 'em but just a word of caution for anybody thinking about picking some up right now. (I'd still go ahead and buy 'em myself but I won't be needing the things until next month anyway.)

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$45.75 for 3 (+1 free) so

$45.75 for 3 (+1 free) so just under $11.44 per mag compared to 11.98 per mag for the Magpul PMAGs. Full range of colors here too, which would be a plus if you don't care about the translucence (or lack thereof).

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They have great reviews

They have great reviews too...pretty much in-line with MagPul. Now, if I can only find them at this price by someone other than Bocrap.

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I have about 15 orders from

I have about 15 orders from them and have had no issues. Maybe I am just really lucky, but if you are basing your opinion based on online reviews, then I believe your opinion of them may be misplaced. I have followed up with people and many have said that they based their opinion solely on the reviews and not from personal purchases.

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Almost nobody who has a good

Almost nobody who has a good transaction with a merchant is going to post a comment about it, unless it's on an extremely popular merchant like Amazon where reviews are extremely easy to post. Why? Gotta go out of your way to do so, and if you're enjoying your product you've got more important things to do.

On the other hand, folks who don't like a product WILL voice their opinion, if for no other reason than possible redress of their grievance(s), real or imagined.

That said, Botach does keep a MINIMUM of CS staff on hand but I'd wager they're trying to improve that end of things. FWIW I've placed two orders from them and each time they got the items all the way from California to Florida in about three days with basic USPS shipping.

If you don't NEED IT NOW I would absolutely recommend Botach, especially if you're purchasing one of their "headline" deals.

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I have purchased many times

I have purchased many times from Botach. One of them being these mags. Always fast delivery and no issues.

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Pretty much the same, in my

Pretty much the same, in my experience.

Unfortunately my most recent order - involving four of these mags - has hit a snag: two of them were available and two were backordered. Normally not a problem but the arrival date they gave me came and went a week or two ago... kinda surprising given my previous dealings with 'em but at least something for folks to think about.

Also, of the two mags I received - black and olive drab colors - the black magazine doesn't drop from the magwell. (Had the same issue with a maglevel PMAG they sent but it rectified itself after sliding it in and out a few times.) I'll be waiting on the flat dark earth and foliage green mags I've got coming before seeing what I'll do, but from my contact with 'em so far it seems they expect me to pay for return shipping for a refund/replacement.

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