View a PDF of the Kriss CRBSO The civilian semi-auto carbine version of the revolutionary Kriss .45 SMG by TDI. Pictured with optional accessories.The KRISS Vector CRB/SO is an ATF-approved, 38-State legal (folding stock), 16" barrel semi-auto version of the KRISS Vector SMG. The KRISS Vector CRB/SO shares the same milspec frame, Super V operating system, materials and rugged housing as the KRISS Vector SMG. Same light weight. Same maneuverability. Same simple and easy to maintain Super V mechanism that reduces felt recoil by more than 60% and reduces barrel elevation by more than 95%. If your goal is put more rounds on-target, more of the time, then the CRB/SO will exceed your every expectation and demand.Max. effective Range: Group 100mGroupings 25m: 2.5 cmGroupings 100m: 30.5 cmMeets/exceeds TOPS/MILSTD 810F. Advanced metal components: A2 and 4340/4140 chrome-moly steel alloys heat hardened/manganese phosphate treated with aerospace 7075/6061 hard-anodized aluminum alloys.Aerospace polymer components: Lightweight injectionmolded housings of 15% fiber-reinforced Ultramid (tm) Nylon 6/6 composite alloy treated for toughness and environmental protection.Full line of KRISS accessories including M16x1 LH barrel threads and suppressor.Operating Action: Closed bolt, delayed-blowback patented KRISS Super V System    Caliber: .45 ACP (230g FMJ recommended)Magazine: Std. 13-round Glock 21 mag. Optional 30-round KRISS® MagEx. Fully compatible with G21 model magsLength open: 24.3"Length folded: 16.0"Height: 6.9"  Weight (unloaded w/o accessories): 5.6lbsBarrel: (16:1 twist): 5.5"    Fire Control: Ambidextrous Fire/Safe settings (Can be factory-configured in any combination): Semi-automatic
MPN#: KSBRB0800101

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Absurd pricing. You can get the pistol version for less than $1,000 if you forgo the brace, register it as an SBR for $200, and then purchase the folding stock from Kriss for less than $100. That's roughly $1,300 compared to paying $2,100 for this "deal" after paying the $200 transfer fee. Not to mention that you can have possesion of the "pistol" while waiting for the SBR registration to go through, whereas with this you would have to wait until you get your tax stamp to pick it up.

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This thing weighs a ton compared to other sub guns, looks cool but not too practical for semi-auto.

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