The Krebs Custom Mk VI Enhanced Safety is one of the best enhancements you can make to your AK pattern rifle. Stamped from 1mm 1050 steel and heat treated to a solid 50C Rockwell, these safeties feature both a cut to lock the bolt open and and extended rest for fast and easy trigger finger manipulations. The Mk VI will fit most standard pattern stamped receiver AK rifles, but may require minor fitting.
Brand: Krebs Custom
Fitment: Stamped Receiver AKs
Material: Steel - 1050 Carbon
Platform: AK-47/74
Type: Bolt Hold Open

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Technically a stamped Ak47 is an Akm

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Cool design but $50 for a stamped / folded piece of sheet metal? Even milled this would be a stupid price.

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When this is only a few safety's(three as I recall) that's available to increase the functions. These have been Out of stock for many months, last I check it was Jan where there was no stock. Krebs has over 100, possibly other sites have smaller numbers, They will go fast.

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