Brand New, Beautiful High Quality AK-47 75 Round Drums. Individually Boxed, with Instructions and Warranty

These are the rear load style AK-47 75 round Drum magazines. The rear loaders are the most popular for a couple of reasons. They are based on the original Chinese military design and function and feed flawlessly. Also, unlike other drums which are cumbersome to load due to having to be fed from top one at a time, these drums load easily. Simply open the rear cover and drop the rounds in. They can also be stored fully loaded with no pressure on the springs, then, when you are ready to use it, simply wind the spring using the winding key, snap it in the rifle, and you are ready to go.

Newly manufactured to military standards in South Korea. Individually boxed with manual and warranty. Clear back plate provides clear vision of number of rounds remaining in drum.

Product Specs 7.62 x 39 caliber 75 round capacity Steel Body Construction Plastic Back Plate Made in South Korea
Country of Manufacture South Korea
License Requirement None
Manufacturer Korea
Caliber/Gauge 7.62x39
Firearm Fit AK-47
Condition New
Black Friday Deal? Yes!

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Have one. Works fine. Keep it clean and lubed and itll work

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Jam o matic?

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$10 shipping for one. I'll pass for now.

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Good price, but $25 for two of these shipped kills the deal for me. I was wondering why I'd previously cancelled my account info with Classic - now I remember.

1 vote
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