Komrad 12- Kalashnikov USA

12 Gauge Firearm
OAL Extended 31 5/8″
Length with brace collapsed 29 1/4"
Weight 7.6 lb
SB Tactical Pistol Brace
Comes with Two 5 Round Magazines

The Komrad is a 12 GA semi-automatic compact barreled firearm with the Kalashnikov operating system similar to the Russian Saiga 12. This is a very versatile & short Tactical 12 firearm with a host of awesome features!! The Komrad will accept 2.75” and 3” shells and works best with shot shells of 1330 FPS or higher. This unit also has an adjustable gas system for hi and lower power loads and it a little Boomstick with a big punch! The The Komrad has a SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace, adjustable pistol grip, tri-rail forend, vertical forward grip, standard side mounted optics rail and a threaded muzzle nut. The barrel is threaded so you can add your favorite Muzzle device to finish off the package. Total length of the firearms comes to 31.5”. Most Saiga 12 accessories will work on the Komrad including magazines and drums.

Ships with TWO 5 round magazines, other magazines, drums and accessories NOT included

Note: Pistol grip and foward grip style may vary from pictures.

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Anybody else notice the tac tard posing with the scope cover on?

I guess when you have a semi shotgun with a drum it really doesn't matter where you aim.

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It's a shotgun pistol!

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Actually it's nether it's a "firearm" according to dumb laws

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