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AR-15 Forward Vertical Grip
Attachment: Picatinny
Color: Black
Material: Polymer
Genuine Military Issue Knights Armament Vertical Grip
The Knights Armament Company Vertical Grip is the same vertical grip that is issued to US armed forces with the M4A1 and M16A4. Made from rugged glass filled black polymer, the Knights Armament Company Vertical Grip has been used by warfighters in combat for the last decade with positive results.
- Black
- Mounts to M-1913 Picatinny rail
- Secured with a large thumb screw
- Military contractor overstock
Finishing up that military clone rifle with genuine Knights Armament Vertical Grip is just the finishing touch it needs.

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When units are fielded the M4A1 they get these in the box. Not very impressive. KAC is basically kept afloat by uncle Sam, just like Colt. As soon as Colt lost that first contract, they went bankrupt.

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Bankruptcy is the only way they could get out of the obligations to the UAW contracts. Yep. United Auto Workers building firearms instead of building, oh I don’t know, automobiles. Maybe that could have something to do with their quality.

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