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Chambered in 9mm
Minimum size and weight
1911-style operation controls
Single-action, match-grade trigger
Stainless steel slide and barrel

Item: IK-291583

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So $439 + tax is $480 (arizona) but paid with Raise gift cards as mentioned above. ($500 for only $416)
So $416 total plus $20 remaining on a gift card is less than the Springfield 911 9mm ($430) deal after FFL.
$416 total! I’d say that’s a slick gun deal. Thanks!

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Good deal in Texas. You'd have to pay an ffl anyway so parting with tax is just a part Of the party

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0 votes

In IL add 10% sale tax and a $25 gun tax .... Not a deal

0 votes
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It's $600

1 vote
0 votes
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