Kimber Custom II (GFO) 10MM
- One 8 round 10MM ACP Tac-Mag
- Green Fiber Optic Front sight, white dot rear sight
- Rubber grips
MPN#: KMB-3700551

Price compare for 3700551 - Schmidt Puzzle Mat, 3000-Piece

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$619.99 0.00
$657.99 Free - $34.99
$629.99 FREE S/H
$648.99 $15
$649.00 (Free S/H on Firearms)
$659.99 Free
$660.99 $9.99
$660.99 $19.95
$666.89 $19.95
$666.99 $14.95
$673.99 $15-$30 Firearms
$691.99 $7.95 to $12.95
$691.99 Free
$699.00 FREE
$699.99 $12.99
$706.57 Free
$717.99 $9.95
$723.99 $10.95 + $5 each additional
$613.94 Free Shipping

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Ive used kygunco before with the text a check price. Was not an issue for me. You take a pic of a check and text it to them. Pretty simple process. Would do it again if I found something worth buying

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I have no problem using the system; it is just that they should list that info right next to the price as well instead of a bait and switch 3% price increase at checkout.

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You only get this price is you use "text a check." Otherwise, you pay $653 plus shipping and FFL xfer fee.

I personally think it is false advertising to advertise at this price, but then say you only get this price if you use some abnormal pay system, which they only disclose at checkout. There are several places that lure you in with prices online and then tell you later on "cash only" or something similar. Am I going to mail you envelope full of money or some shit? Why advertise online then?

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$635 isn’t a deal anyways...

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