Kershaw 4007 Secret Agent Fixed Blade Boot Knife - $16.83 + Free S/H over $25

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This Boot Knife's Mission is to Offer Both Performance and Value. The model number of our Secret Agent boot knife could be none other than 4007. This updated version of the boot knife features a single-edged blade with a non-reflective black-oxide finish. The blade is heat treated to Kershaw’s demanding specifications to bring out the very best qualities in the steel. The black-oxide coating provides additional blade protection. For a secure grip, the handle is glass-filled nylon with a textured rubber overmold. The Secret Agent has a dual-carry molded sheath with a clip for convenient belt carry and slots to add your own leg carry straps. For additional versatility, the knife comes with a lanyard hole. Discreet and concealable for tactical use and personal protection, the Secret Agent is also viable for a variety of utility purposes.
Model number#: 4007

Category: Knives
Brand: Kershaw
UPC: 087171037165
MPN: 4000622
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Who posts this stuff? The

Who posts this stuff? The name alone would lead me to believe that this is more made in China bullshit from Gerber.

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CDundee's picture

Does Secret Asian mean that

Does Secret Asian mean that this knife is secretly made in China?

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Did you mean to put secret

Did you mean to put secret agent or secret Asian?

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Would a Secret Agent Knife be

Would a Secret Agent Knife be good for a Double Knot Spy to use?

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Genuine secret agent knife,

Genuine secret agent knife, posted by a secret agent that never leaves their mothers basement.

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I received 2 of these when I

I received 2 of these when I graduated from super secret agent school. But I wasn't supposed to tell you that.

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Too many complaints about

Too many complaints about quality. Will pass. Went to Amazon, interested in buying, but the reviews there convinced me to pass.

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My understanding is some

My understanding is some states prohibit double edged knives however many manufacturers add a "false edge" (dull) that can easily be sharpened. I do not know if this is true or not as I just heard this explanation a few days ago but makes sense to me.

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Here's what you need to know

Here's what you need to know about state laws and knives.

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pretty useless. last update

pretty useless. last update for my state was 2005. all the links to additional legal info were broken.

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That's weird because Kershaw

That's weird because Kershaw sells their Amphibian which is roughly the same shape (with serration on the bottom half of one side), and it's double edged. But given some of the bizarre weapon laws found in various jurisdictions around our great nation, it wouldn't surprise me if what you've stated is accurate.

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Like I said I am not sure

Like I said I am not sure about this alleged law but here in NC knife laws are all over the board (gun laws are pretty lax though). Some towns allow concealed carry of "regular knives" without defining what that even means but other areas restrict folding knives longer than 3.5 inches, which basically rules out everything beyond old timer styles. NY from my understanding it is a felony to carry a knife concealed that is capable of being opened with one hand.

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Why wouldn't a blade this

Why wouldn't a blade this shape be double-edged?

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I have this knife, carry it

I have this knife, carry it in my boot. It is razor sharp, and is well constructed. I'd recommend it.

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Now at $15.00 + $4.67

Now at $15.00 + $4.67 shipping = $19.67. Other deals, higher overall cost, have free shipping... deal changed.

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Are secret agents really so

Are secret agents really so worried about the amount to reach Amazon's free super saver shipping limit? They will just charge this to MI-6 and be done with it!

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