KEL P32BBLK 32ACP 7RD BLUE Kel-Tec P32BBLK P-32 32 ACP 2.68″ 7+1 Blk Polymer Grip Blued Finish
UPC#: 640832000450

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I bought one a few years back and paid about $200 for it. Living in Florida during the summer, wearing shorts, T-shirt and tennis shoes makes it a little limiting as to what I can carry without printing, or so heavy as to always having to be pulling my shorts up. I call it my “get off me gun”. it’s ok for use at point blank range so one can ensure shot placement for the round to be most effective. I can rapid fire and put all shots in an 8” target out to about 10’, after that not so much. But I didn’t buy it for it’s accuracy and certainly not for it’s limited stopping power...but rather as a deterrent. No one wants to be shot, even with a .32 caliber. I keep it loaded with typical ball ammo because I am more more concerned about maximum penetration rather than expansion.

As far as the gun, it is very lightweight even with a laser. I use the laser as my night sites. I find it reasonably accurate at self defense range. Withstands sweat well. It is my one and only Keltec I have owned and I know what I have read about them being prone to failure but I have never had a failure of any kind. The fit and finish compared to say a Ruger LCP, well it looks like it was manufactured in someone’s garage.
I put a rubber sleeve around the grip to allow for more comfortable hold of such a small thin gun.

I carry it in my front pocket, in a small desante holster. Only two things I dislike about it. It is uncomfortable to shoot as the trigger slap pinches my finger against the trigger guard...and the small caliber will most like get me killed in a gunfight. But like I said, it is better used as a deterrent against a physical attack rather than self defense against an armed bad guy.

I have also carried it as a backup when my primary carry of the day is holstered in an inside waistband holster. I like having a gun in my front pocket because if I feel uneasy I can place my hand in my pocket, with my fingers around the grip, using my thumb to separate the gun slightly from the holster for an immediate draw, all without alerting anyone in case the person making me uneasy turns out not to be a threat. That is why most of the time I carry a Khar CM9, little over a pound fully loaded and comfortably fits in most of my pant’s front pockets.

For what I paid for mine and how dependably it has served it purpose for which it was bought... I think this is a pretty good deal.

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I have one, love it. I carry it where I can't be spotted having a gun. And with Lehigh Xtreme Cavitators, it actually performs surprisingly well in ballistic gel. Worth $135 all day long.

Other guns I carry: Custom Glock 19, HK VP9, 1911.

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I bought a used p32, I like it....

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I would not carry a keltec if it were free.

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6 votes

Surprisingly, it does not suck.

She said she wanted a super small, very light pistol for pocket carry. I took her to shoot some different things. She didn't like the tiny .380s. I decided to try a .32.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've put about 300 rounds of hardball through it (don't really see the point of JHPs in something this size). No FTE/FTF errors at all. Very reliable so far, but I wouldn't expect anything less of hardball.

Trigger's not bad. It has a tiny partially-shrouded hammer that cocks when you rack the slide or the gun cycles. I didn't put it on a scale, so anything I'd say would just be a guess. It's a little mushy on the uptake, but a decent break.

Sights are nothing but a pimple and a slit. It shot pretty well for me 15' and under. Mag after mag in the 3.5" center of a dessert plate. Past 20', I lost it entirely, couldn't hit squat. There's almost no recoil to it. Very mild, easy to shoot.

My two complaints: It's a little tricky to put back together after field stripping, and the guide rod looks pretty flimsy.

Overall, I kinda liked it. The main thing is, a gun like this has to be reliable, and it seems to be. If you want something tiny and light that you don't have to worry about it getting banged around, this is an OK choice.

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The ruger 380s that are out amd the 9mm lc9s amd ec9 suck. A 32 round is perfect caliber for this gun or those rugers. I habe the baretta 3032 tomcat
Its one of my favorite guns to shoot.
Shooting those riger 9mm amd 380 is like shooting a 45 out of my nerf gun.
Buy a glock 42. All the small polymer bullshit carry guns that ruger make suck. Bersas 380 is the only other gun than the glock 42 that i would own. Besras thunder 380 is under 3 hundred. Amd is steel framed. Its a nice gun. Makes all the rugers amd those alike look like shit. Springfields xds or the MP shileds. Are pretty nice. Anyone who buy this or any ruger 380 or 9 . Are wasting there money

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6 votes

That GED diploma is still waiting for you, First off you know nothing about guns, secondly you butchered the English Language. A "Pot Metal" Bersa's cannot be compared to a Glock or Shield, and even when Springfield was getting their guns from Croatia they were still far superior to a fucking Kel-Tec, which has the highest failure rate of any gun made And you cannot compare a 380 to a 32. Unless you make head shots, which are rare even in FBI shootings, averaged 4-5 shots to drop a perp, "with a 9mm". I hope you live in an area where Unicorns graze.

3 votes
3 votes

I have an LCP II and had an LC9S. Both were quality guns on a par with my Springfields and my Glock 21. Do you have any experience with these guns (as in actually owning them) or what? I can't see where you are going with your short-sided ramblings.
And what does "A 32 round is perfect caliber for this gun or those rugers" actually mean? I guess a .380, 9mm or .45 is not? Perhaps because they won't fit inside the magazine? What the hell are you talking about? I question your well as 'you're' grammar. ;)

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I actually agree with Duane! The sky must be falling!

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Wow, and to think the millions of people who have bought the LCP, LC9, and all their striker-fired variants must be drinking Ruger's koolaid. Glad someone who can't spell "and" corrected us....

BTW, have you ever owned a gun not made by Nerf?

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Another person who thinks gay jokes count as a counter argument....

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0 votes

Don't Think guns are priced by caliber. There is a large choice of 22 caliber pistols , in various configurations, that cost more than both guns. Awkward moment - Nah. Just reality.

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Talking about a better caliber from a better manufacturer for less money. We aren't talking about boutique firearms

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This should have been your original comment in IMHO. Then we could have debated , at least why a 380 is better than a 32, in YHO. I then could have said not in all situations. Fruitless exercise. My last comment.

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Arguing with WooHoo2You is like arguing with a retarded Liberal. They claim to know everything while knowing very little.

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2 votes

Too bad you are too scared to actually shoot a gun to get the job done. You and WooHooFuckU can go suck Obama's dick. Sure you both would enjoy that. Liberal prats.

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William has no balls that is why he pretends to be so tough on the internet.

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Says the guy who can't even spell a member's name correctly even though it is right in front of him...Submitted by 'willam'badass...and you say the rest of us are ignorant.

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0 votes

I thought you weren't conversing with me? Oh, I offended your alter ego. Maybe try spelling my handle correctly and I might pay more attention to your pseudonym of the week. BTW, shouldn't DuaneDibbley have a space between the first and last name? I certainly know Cat's alter ego (huh, now I see why you picked that name) on Red Dwarf did.....

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0 votes

You must enjoy that Liberal WooHooFuckU's posts.And he likes balls as well.

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1 vote

Gay jokes? Did you just turn 10?

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0 votes

While all you do is follow me around the world wide web commenting on my comments? Have you ever actually commented on a gun or its features?

1 vote
1 vote

No one is 'follow you around the world wide web commenting on your comments'.We can't help it if your sorry ass posts on every other post on this if you were MR "I know fuck'in everything and own every fuck'in gun made".And if you weren't such god damn imbecile,you would see I posted to ammouser's post,not WooHooFuckU's post..And if you weren't such a fuck'in moron,you would notice I was talking to ammouser, not WooHooFuckU.

And what valuable information does the post>>>"While all you do is follow me around the world wide web commenting on my comments? Have you ever actually commented on a gun or its features?"<<< give us on this gun numnuts?Absolutely none.Go fuck yourself.Get back to crying on your Mossberg gun post.
"I am NOT happy with their customer service"
"For me I am happy for what I got and what I paid (still a great deal in my mind)."

If you are 'happy',then quit your crying and STFU so I won't get an email every time you have a bitch about your purchase!!!!!You accepted the gun so STFU!No one gives a shit.

And that's all I need to say about these subjects.Thanks for reading.

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You two (pretending you aren't the same person for the sake of this post) do follow me around. DuaneDumply swoops in and replies to the person I replied to and does one of 4 things: calls me some name his IQ of 75 thinks is clever, brings up Trump out of nowhere, brings up Hillary out of nowhere, or brings up sex between two men….out of nowhere. Then here comes WilliamSadAss about one hour later who agrees with Duane, they trade complements, which goes on for another 4-5 more posts pretending like they are two different people. Neither ever mentions a thing about GUNS or their experience with a FIREARM William's quotes from above regarding my ON TOPIC DISCUSSION. Yes that was pure slander showing how I discuss things that are on topic. Lord you got me!

Instead we get gems like these from the resident troll with multiple logons:
“Better by some KY before you do”
“Stupid kid. If you wasn't such a little cry baby, maybe others would treat you like a man instead of a little child. Now STFU before I send you to bed.”

“Better hush or I'll have your Mee'ma beat yo scrawny Lilly white ass with a wire coat hanger”
“Everytime we tell what they did you start sucking their dick. “
“num-nuts, if I want to converse with you dick-in-the-ass”
“Still sucking Obama's dick? Or have you finished up and moved on to Michelle's?”
“-Ig you don't like their products, cupcake, why do you visit their posts? Do you also visit gay porn sites and complain as well?”

Troll baby troll!

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Funny how you comment 'Have you ever actually commented on a gun or its features?', yet you dedicate FOUR entire paragraphs to nothing but BullShit. Not to mention the time it must take you to go through our posts. Nothing else better to do??? You mentioned nothing about guns OR this product. Hypocrite much? Yea, I am the same person as Willam. Believe what you want. Whatever you say Twinkie. I have a lot of accounts on here. Seems everyone thinks you are a dick. Every time someone says crap about you, that's me, kid. :D

How about one of your lines...'Glad someone who can't spell "and" corrected us....BTW, have you ever owned a gun not made by Nerf?'

Oh yea baby, THAT'S on 'TOPIC'... :D

'William has no balls that is why he pretends to be so tough on the internet.'

Oh yea baby, THAT'S on 'TOPIC'... :D

'Gay jokes? Did you just turn 10?'

Oh yea baby, THAT'S on 'TOPIC'... :D

Who's joking? You probably do like balls. Your liberal ass sucks Obama's balls every chance you get.

BTW, that took fifty-niney seconds. I could spend an hour grabbing bullshit you say 'off topic', but unlike you having all the time in the world, I am going to work now. See ya Twink. :u/

Now, go ahead with your witty may take you awhile to again search through our posts. Are you the same guy trying to frame Trump for the Russian collusion on the election? Then try to find some trashy prostitute to come forward.

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Leave Twinkie alone...I PMed you a few days ago. Did you not see it or are you ignoring me? You obviously have time to flirt with your boyfriend but can't reply back? WTF? :D

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Sorry.Didn't notice I had one.Was PMing someone else and thought it was his.Too late to call tonight,will call you in the morning.And screw you too.Oda beat yo blackass:P

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I'll talk slower next time.

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That awkward moment when a Kel Tec 32 is more expensive than a Ruger 380.....

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