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Kel-Tec® KSG Pump Action 12 Gauge Shotgun The KSG is Kel-Tec®'s first entry into the shotgun market. Its compact, bullpup design measures 26.1" overall. Even with its compact size, the internal dual tube magazine holds up to 12 rounds and reliably cycles shells as short as 1 3/4" and as large as 3" with no hiccups. It also comes equipped with two Picatinny rails... one for mounting a forward grip, light or laser, the other for mounting optics or iron sights. Integrated Picatinny top and bottom rail Threaded barrel for adding a suppressor Ambidextrous bottom load and eject Ambidextrous action release Rubber buttpad helps reduce recoil Forward and rear sling attachment points Gen 2 modelOrder today! Key Specifications Item Number: 643986 Gauge: 12 Action: Pump Capacity: 12 Barrel length: 18.5" Barrel finish: Black coated Stock: Synthetic Chamber: 3" Receiver material: Hardened steel Overall length: 26.1" Overall weight: 6.9 lbs. Mfg. Number: KSG UPC: 640832003192 Back to top
Item number: WX2-643986

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Came to about $550ish once all said and done. Great price but not advertised price.

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0 votes

the only way I can think of that you paid $550 is if there is sales tax involved

1 vote
0 votes

In for one at $522, Merry Christmas. Will come back and say whats up.

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0 votes

Uh. Might want to mention They add a $9.99 “Gun Processing Fee” and state sales tax. Comes out to $576 For me

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0 votes

So I buy a KSG from PSA a couple of weeks ago. Transaction goes smoothly. I see this even better $569 price from Sportsman's Guide and decide to buy another, I'm on the last week of my trial membership (after years of being a member, having their cc etc). I go to order this and it won't let me. I write them and get this response:

Thank you for contacting us. We have reviewed your email.
This item cannot ship to your location due to various state, county or municipal laws in your location.
Not all of the restrictions are based on laws on the books. In some cases, state laws are so vague that they could be interpreted unfavorably in the event a court action was ever involved.
If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

While I get cya in this day and age, I still won't renew my membership if they won't let me give them money!

1 vote
0 votes

$659 with fees and tax. I highly doubt they send the tax money to South Carolina when they are in Minnesota

0 votes
0 votes

Fees? What fees? Your ffl?

0 votes
0 votes

569 was 555 a week ago

0 votes
0 votes

Still the cheapest place you’ll find it.

0 votes
1 vote

This store is the only one that doesn't ship this gun to commiefornia. Just a heads up.

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0 votes

Bought one of these for 555$ a couple months back and have loved every second of it. Slapped a Romeo 5, magpul flip ups, magpul rvg grip, shell deflector and extended tube selector. Has fired any and all ammo great.

2 votes
0 votes

There's too many other tactical/workhorse/heirloom quality shotguns to be had for this kind of money. I understand the desire for 13 rounds but a 930 SPX holds 9 with the "ghost load"... Quality of materials used and fit and finish are notably higher than the KSG... Shot side by side it becomes obvious which one you'd choose to survive the purge. It's 3 round capacity edge doesn't come close to trumping it's cheapness, and by cheapness I certainly don't mean price. Love their Sub2k though. Great value when they could be had under $350.

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3 votes

The real strength of the KSG is not necessarily its capacity, but its short overall length. Not much besides an SBS can so easily maneuver indoors or retrieve from a vehicle. It's not the most refined shotgun, but it's a pump and it works. I've had mine now for going on a year with no issues whatsoever. I'd still like to see the price come down a little further before I could say that the cost is in line with the value (compared to other options), but at $849 it's worth a buy if the compact size is appealing and if you don't care to keep waiting it out to see where the price settles now that KSGs are in supply.

5 votes
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