Manufacturer Kel-Tec
Caliber .40 S&W
Action Type Semi-Automatic
Style AR
Color Nickel Boron
Magazine Capacity 13
Magazines Included 1
Detachable Magazine Yes
Barrel Length No
Rate of Twist 1:16''
Overall Length in Inches 30.5

UPC#: 640832006469

Price compare for 640832006469 - Kel-Tec SUB-2000 .40 Caliber Collapsible Rifle Nickel Boron Slide Glock 23 Model

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Martyr_Machine! You comment the most idiotic things on every fucking post. You make me think you're some pedophile who sits in teen chat rooms and glances at guns in between kids. I honestly wish I could throat punch you. You act like you know everything about every gun and pretend to be some high roller. You probably take a bus. Bottom line is you're a douche bag, you commenting on everything is annoying, and I think you're an asshole...... Which is sad because I don't even know you. You annoy the fuck out of me with all of your comments on almost every fucking ad. Do me a favor. Tell me what the barrel of your DD rifle tastes like. Idiot!

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Soooooo a pistol with a crazy long barrel and a stock?

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1 vote

it folds in half too

0 votes
0 votes

Cool, pretty, affordable. Pick two.

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