The SU-16 is a gas operated, self loading rifle in .223 Remington caliber. Several unique features make the SU-16 a versatile sporting firearm. An integrated picatinny rail for mounting different sight systems. The forend folds down to form a bipod for increased accuracy. The stock can store spare magazines. Two 10 rounds, or one 20, or 30 rounds. The stock and trigger mechanism can be folded forward for added safety and to facilitate secure storage, or carry under extreme conditions. The SU-16 has a conventional gas piston operation and utilizes the proven M-16 breech locking system. It is compatible with standard M-16 magazines.
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 223 Remington/5.56 NATO
Barrel Length 19"
Capacity 10 + 1
Trigger Single Stage
Safety Cross Bolt
Length 37.4"
Weight 5 lbs
Stock Synthetic
Finish Black

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Thumbs up for 223/556 Armalite, Colt and for the budget minded = Ruger and S&W, but @ $449. Not bad, Kel Tec has improved a bit over the past 4 years or so imho.

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Also an unthreaded muzzle, at least get the ca (California) model with threaded barrel.

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I didn't realize the Cali version had a threaded barrel but it does. Almost seems to defy logic being that is one of the "features" the state limits on some other rifles.

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Fun, reliable gun that stows easily but note this model will not fire folded and I believe you need to remove the mag to fold. The "Charlie" model will still fold with a 20rd metal mag in it and fires folded. If either matters to you I'd suggest buying the SU-16C already assembled but you could always buy the stock separately.

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