With 11 game-changing innovations, the RDB™ is the new definition of bullpup. Its downward shell ejection system eliminates the side ejection disadvantage of ordinary bullpups. The result is casings that eject out of your line of sight and a truly ambidextrous, high-performance rifle. The RDB is also adjustable for a wide variety of ammunition. It’s definitely the bullpup done right.

Finish: Black
•RDB = Rifle Downward-eject Bullpup
•Short stroke adjustable gas piston
•Rotary bolt locking system w/spring loaded ejector & down facing extractor
•Brass cases eject downward behind mag
•Ambidextrous controls
•Folding reversible non-reciprocating charging handle
•Built-in eyelets on each side of aluminum receiver
•Picatinny top rail
•Bottom railed textured aluminum handguard w/removable angled foregrip
•A2 birdcage flash hider
•Built-in sling loops
•Standard black AR mag


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Classic arms if you're listening have me a RDB ready on black friday for 800 shipped please? Kthxbye :)

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downward ejecting. what a concept..
Makes brass gathering that much easier for reloading.
Such a pain collecting brass from my Glock and AR-15 when I'm shooting in any grass or wooded area. Shells fly any direction to the right up to 15 feet.

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I wouldn't wear flip-flops to the range.

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Already lousy supply might get worse, Keltec is in Florida.

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Now, that's a helpful review on this gun if I've ever seen one!

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I Just meant if you're on the fence about getting the gun and want it any time in the near future now might be a good time.. Irma at the time was bearing down on Florida..

Keltec already has trouble meeting demand if their production is down for a few months due to Irma the prices will only get worse as what little supply there is dries up.

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and such a helpful reply...

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Anyone tell me how this compares to the IWI Tavor? Outside of it being to gun buying world and have my AR already..addicted now and possibly in the market to buy this or the Tavor..

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Id love to have a pmr30 but its a keltec, and like all of their other firearms people are having a issues. I have learned to steer clear of keltec. Id honestly rather buy a highpoint.

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Tavor, tavor, tavor. Get the tavor!

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Much better trigger, better controls, better balance, are the big points. Keltec had had some spotty firearms issues in the past however have always followed through and have great CS. They have gotten much better the past couple of years so this is on my short list of rifles to own.

My experience with keltec: Keltec PF9, bad experience, hammer spring broke repeatedly.

Sub2k gen2, great so far, minor front sight issues for some.

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I started with AR15's and now have a safe full in every possible caliber and configuration so can't justify anymore. I've moved onto Bullpup's now and absolutely love this little guy. Rock solid and the best value going if you can find one at the $900 mark or lower. Only thing I've done to mine is added a 2.5x primary arms optic and VP6 break and I'm still under $1,100. It's one of my primary choices when doing any sort of CQ training or competitions. Ton of fun. Pick one up for sure once you fill the safe with AR's. Plan ahead as it took me 6 months to find one for under $900;)

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Decent deal if you want one.
.. And I do.. but I think im gonna wait for one around 800.
I'd be willing to pay 900 but begrudgingly so.. plus no free shipping on this so that kinda sucks.

Still this is comparatively good to the 1k-1100 often asked when they come in to stock at other dealers.

Im just starting to get into ar15's so I figure I can bid my time a bit with this one.

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Just picked mine up from FFL yesterday. I paid same amount no shipping from sportsmanship guide. Dropped a vortex strike eagle on it and took it out to ranch today. Ran flawless and was a blast. Ate everything I threw at it minus steel as I didn't have any to try. Seems fairly accurate but did not get to serious with accuracy testing yet. I was defiantly within 2.5 Inches at 100'ish with ball ammo and not trying. Also, the trigger is much better than my tavors factory. Only downside is I'm not a huge fan of handgaurd but was checking around and it appears there are some aftermarket ones that should show up shortly. There's one from Kel tec that looks awesome. For now I couldn't be happier. This is one of my favorite recent firearms purchases. Solid gun and seems like a steal at $900 compared to the other bullpup options avalible. Don't get me wrong as I still love my Tavor but this just feels different. Thinner, I like the controls better, and trigger is hands down better although I replaced it on my tavor last year. Also, the bottom ejection was so nice as its a pain picking up rounds being sprayed all over the ranch. They were all left in a nice neat piles each spot I shot from.... I will say the tavor feels a little more solid if that makes sense. Although I don't know what that means as "feeling" is very objective. I can't wait to get some more time behind his so I can really get a feeling for the gun. Get one if your on the fense!

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