• Patented Downward Ejection
• Adjustable Short Stroke Gas Piston System
• Reversible, Non-Reciprocating Charging Handle
• 20" 1:7" Twist Light Profile Barrel Threaded 1/2"x28 TPI
• 35 Degree Ambi Safety
• Ambi Bolt Release
• Ambi Mag Release
• 4.5-5.5lb Trigger Pull
• Picatinny Accessory Rail

UPC#: 640832005981

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Comments (8)

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Is it even possible for that barrel to get any skinnier?

Why make it that skinny? The action is in the rear. A thicker barrel would balance it out and help it not look so puny.

1 vote
1 vote

I had one for a short time, I really loved the ergonomics but it really bothered me that it was impossible to do a chamber check though. I had once taken the magazine out cycled it a few times with nothing, after then disassembling the rifle found that there was still round in the chamber. Maybe operator error on my part but I was not comfortable with the rifle after that.

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0 votes

I had several stuck rounds in mine. And what kind of gas system has 26 settings?

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Mine ran like garbage. After contacting keltec in Aug 2017 all I got was some smartass reply from someone named Ericka who I replied to. Still haven't heard back (June 2019) Gun is long gone. Save up some more money and get a Tavor. I replaced mine with a SOCOM16 and couldn't be happier. Too bad, the gun had great ergonomics.

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I bought one of these with a 17 inch barrel a few months ago at the same price. I paid more for shipping so this is a better deal. This rifle runs flawlessly with .223 and 5.56 ammo, in both 55gr and 62gr weights. I did have a problem with it getting off zero, by about 8 inches, at 100 yards, after it got hot. I asked for advice on a FB group and got 98 answers, 2 of which were correct. It was simply the rear screws on the rail being cranked down too tight. I backed it off 1/4 turn and now shoot 5 inch groups at 100 yards, for as long as I want to. This isn't a rifle you'll be be consistently hitting a 1" bulls eye at 200 yards, but it does what it was intended for and it costs half of what an IWI or Tavor bullpup does. When I put it in a lead sled, and shot it at 50 yards, it did this. I have no complaints.

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Yikes sounds like problem city

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0 votes

100% agree this is a much better option than a Tavor if you dont want to spend Tavor $$. A nice AR can be put together for this price with a sub MOA barrel, nice furniture & a much better trigger than kel tec offers.

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If you are on the fence, pull the trigger. I've had mine for about six months, and about 2.5k rounds and it's run flawless. May not feel quite as "refined" as the Tavor, but at the price point it's not even a comparison. Downward ejection, easy-to-adjust gas system, mag release that's effectively effortless. I won't own another 5.56 AR. It's just not necessary anymore. Save the AR platform for boutique builds, this thing is a workhorse.

Well done Kel Tec.

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