Kahr Arms CM9, Double Action Only, Compact Pistol, 9mm, 3" Barrel, Polymer Frame, Matte Stainless Finish, Fixed Sights, 6Rd, 1 Magazine CM9093
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6+1
Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; "Browning - type" recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Barrel: 3.0", conventional rifling; 1 - 10 right-hand twist
Length O/A: 5.42"
Height: 4.0"
Slide Width: .90"
Weight: Pistol 14 ounces, Magazine 1.9 ounces
Grips: Textured polymer
Sights: Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights
Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
Magazine: 1 - 6 rd flush floorplate

Manufacturer Kahr Arms
Condition New in Box
Caliber 9mm
UPC 602686067317
Model CM9
Manufacturer Part Number CM9093
Accessories 1 Mag
Capacity 6
Frame Per Material Polymer

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Comments (6)

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I bought mine when they first came out for $425, although it came with a coupon for a free extended 7 round mag. I guess it was about 9 or 10 years ago as I had just got my concealed carry permit. When I first got it I didn’t like it because it was the first striker fired pistol I owned and had a long trigger pull that caused me to be inaccurate because I tended to jerk the trigger. I put a crimson trace laser on it and took it to the range occasionally with other guns. Meanwhile, I continued to buy more and more pistols looking for the perfect everyday carry and don’t even get me started on the holsters.

Each time I took the gun to the range I got better and better with it. The laser helped me develop the necessary muscle memory to be able to get on target fast and as far as the long trigger pull...I started treating it kind of like a two stage trigger. Instead of trying to pull the trigger in one continuous fast motion that caused me to jerk, I started to pull the trigger right to the point it was going to break...pause and squeeze. Over a short period of time my consistency in accuracy went from dismal to incredible. I had no idea how accurate the gun really was.

Over the years my pull, pause and squeeze has become so naturally quick that It allows me to have groupings at 30’ I didn’t think was possible when I first started shooting the gun. Combine that with the reasons I bought it in the first place, lightweight and and can be carried in a desantis pocket holster in the front pocket of most all my pants, from jeans to dress slacks. I keep it in the console of my vehicle and slip it into my pocket when I get out. The long trigger pull allows me to carry a round in the chamber and feel safe from accidental discharge when drawing from my front pocket as the gun has no manual safety. Ironic that the gun I disliked when I bought it and caused me to go on an expensive search for a better suited concealed carry pistol for my needs...turned out to be my favorite.

After a couple hundred rounds breaking in the gun it has always gone bang. I can’t remember the last failure of any kind. Like someone else mentioned, the only issue is slingshotting the slide, use the slide release and you will have no problem. I have put several thousands of problem free rounds through the gun and is still accurate and dependable. At this price, I think I might buy another and give mine to my niece.

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This is not all time low. Palmetto had for 299 free shipping last week.

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So after seeing all the glowing reviews on the CM9 around the net, and wanting something for the hottest summer months when only pocket carry will do, I pulled the trigger and got one from SOSS for $355.
After getting it home and opening it up, I have to say I'm a little surprised and disappointed. They have the metal slide riding on all plastic rails. No metal inserts on the rails at all. It won't take a whole lot of rounds before that starts peening.
Are all Kahrs built that way or is it one of the cost cutting measures on the budget line only?

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I've put about 2000 rounds through my CM9 and I have seen no evidence of this being a problem. The front rails are metal, and the back rails have a metal piece that bears the weight of the slide. I can still see the "seam" from manufacturing on top of the plastic portion of the rails - it has not worn down at all from day 1.

So you posted your review in October of '13 and it's now May of '14 - how is your CM9 holding up and have the plastic rails posed any problems?

This gun has been the perfect gun for me so far...owned for 1.5 yrs and EDC for about 1 yr and it acts and looks like the same gun as when I purchased it. I've not had a single malfunction when firing. Only caveat is if you plan to carry without a round in the chamber and use the extended 7-rd magazine. I've had issues with that first round racking properly, but only when I slingshot it. Lock the slide to the rear - no problem; however, that's not really something you want to think about if you're trying to get one into the chamber in a hurry. No problem with the 6-rd magazines. I've switched to carrying w/ a round in anyways, so no big deal. If I need to switch to my 7-rd mag, it's because I've already emptied my 6-rd mag and the slide is locked to the rear.

Kahr recommends a 200-rd break-in period, but I just racked the slide about 200 times before shooting it the first time and I never had a problem. This thing can shoot as well as I can...any issues with accuracy are explained by the shooter. I can hit a piece of 5"x5" steel from 40 yds with all 6 rounds if I'm on my game. Plus with DAO only, your trigger pull is the same for each and every round.

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There are metal insertsin the frame but yes it does ride on those plastic rails in the middle of the gun and they do wear down. What I found far worse than the design of the rails was the trigger. Very long pull and reset which I very much hate.

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The trigger pull is very revolver-like but much shorter and lighter than a Kel-Tec P11 (or my S&W 638 for that matter). I got mine last week and was very impressed at the accuracy it's capable of. I'm not sure of the whole Kahr lineup but this is a pocket gun that needs to be reliable and accurate for pocket carry - certainly not one that I'll take a handgun course with, or otherwise shoot 800+ rounds in a weekend. If you look at it that way, I don't think the wear will be a huge issue. If this is the only or one of the only handguns you have, and you'll be shooting over 1-2000 rounds per year, maybe this isn't the one for you.

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