K98PEEN German K98 Mauser with PEENED Markings - $399

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California legal  

German K98 Mausers with Peened Markings

Our latest shipment of German K98s included several rifles with peened markings. THESE HAVE THE CORRECT BENT BOLTS. Stocks and Receivers match, but most other parts do not. As most of these are capture rifles, they have the coat of arms markings peened out. No guarantees on manufacturer code. These rifles are excellent shooters.



Stock Number: K98PEEN

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
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I got one of these about 6

I got one of these about 6 months ago and it is one of my favorite C&R rifles out of many others.

It's not the best looking, but the stock is in great shape, the metal is great, bore is excellent, and it's an insanely good shooter.

If you can't quite afford a non RC in nice shape, I wouldn't hesitate to get one of these.

I have left mine as it came. Sure it's "Just an RC" but there's history to that, too.

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dezenutz's picture

"C&R to CA ONLY!" WTF?

"C&R to CA ONLY!" WTF?

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Be nice man this is the only

Be nice man this is the only assult rifle they can buy in cali

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Though it’s pretty obvious

Though it’s pretty obvious based on the pictures and descriptions understand that these are Russian capture mausers. Expect no two parts to match, ugly shellac on the stock, ugly Russian blue, no cleaning rod, or lock screws. Overall mine is a pretty ugly rifle. Mine has all German parts as far as I can tell, a laminated stock, and good rifling. After cleaning the shellac off I can see a faint cartouche. It should be fun to shoot

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Word to the wise: on various

Word to the wise: on various Slickguns threads featuring firearms sold by Classic, both dezenutz and javelin1973401 have made it painfully obvious that they are shilling for Classic. I am not defending the firearm featured here, but you may wish to consider that shills posting for Classic are highly unlikely to give an unbiased opinion on a competitor's offering.

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dezenutz's picture

Shilling for Classic? WTF are

Shilling for Classic? WTF are you talking about? I was simply questioning the C&R to California only policy.
Without it I probably would have ordered a rifle.

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One Round shy has repeatedly

One Round shy has repeatedly been proven wrong, and has now stooped to trying to get a rise out of me by harassing me in a comment I made 9 months ago, and down-voting the same comment, on a completely different product, and from a completely different vendor! My new year’s resolution is to not argue with morons on the internet so rest assured all further attempts to troll me or solicit a response from me will be ignored. I do understand that he’s just trolling me and to an extent I’m doing exactly what he wants me to do by replying, but I do want to defend myself. I see he’s still submitted exactly zero deals, and just runs around bashing classic and harassing other people about their comments, with an actual useful or insightful comment about a product being rare or non-existent. Since he reopened our discussion from last month I’ll take this opportunity to point out how odd it is that some random person, JohnnyGotHisGun, took the time to sign up for an account , and minutes later used it to come to One Round’s defense in the classic Mosin “discussion”, and how JohnnyGotHisGun hasn’t had any activity since. Hmmm, curious. He accused me of being a shill for Classic, so here’s my acquisition: That he made this second shill JohnnyGotHisGun account himself. It’s obvious. I looked it up and more than one account is against the terms of use for Slicksguns, also sad and pathetic, and very dishonest. Here is the link to Slicksguns comments policy, toward the bottom of the page: http://www.slickguns.com/content/faq
How many has he violated? Reading his comment history in this and other threads I see at least #1, #2, #3, #7, and #16. I’m guilty of violating #4 myself, but in my defense it was after One Round’s alias JohnnyGotHisGun got me riled up and directed at him. So I’ll invite the moderators to read his comment history and decide for themselves. Hopefully (got my fingers crossed) the mods will see fit to ban him. Then I and others will be free of his harassment, and the Slicksguns comments section would be better for it. Perhaps they’ll warn him, and he’ll clean up his act, problem solved, or continue to harass others and then be banned, so I hope this will eventually be worked out.

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You certainly feel you have

You certainly feel you have something to prove, most people with nothing to gain would simply say he is wrong and full of it.... I personally feel you at the very least have a vendetta.

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