SKU: GDC835111
The Israel Weapon Industries Tavor SAR Is a bullpup combat rifle chambered in 5.56. They’re rugged, premium quality firearms known for their accuracy, reliability, and compact dimensions. This is definitely one of, if not the most, popular bullpup rifle on the market and has been featured in countless movies and video games. If you’re looking for a dependable general-purpose rifle that offers unique characteristics, a bullpup is an excellent choice. picked up these SAR’s as part of an LE-trade in from a Sheriff's Department in Southern Texas. They show signs of use, but as far as LE-trade ins are concerned, they are in fantastic shape! 1-30 round magazine and IWI flip up sights are included. Any firearm that can stand up to daily wear and tear on the force is a trustworthy addition to your collection, whether you plan to use it for personal protection or as a range gun. Law enforcement trade-ins are usually fired less than other used firearms. They have wear from daily duty use, but most LEO only shoot their firearms when qualifying at the range. So, despite mild cosmetic damage from holsters and handling, the barrels and internal components are usually in great condition. Our police trade-ins are a unique opportunity to own a dependable, high-quality firearm at a great price!
UPC GDC835111
Barrel Length 16.5" BARREL
Caliber 5.56X45MM NATO
Capacity 30 ROUNDS
Finish BLACK
Weight 7.9 LBS.
Barrel Length Ranges 13.0 - 17.9 IN.
Weight Ranges 8.0 - 12.9 LBS.

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